British Police Go Full Fascist, Arresting Man Over a Meme in Wild Scene


Even though things are pretty bad in the United States, people within its borders can still look across the pond and say “at least we’re not those guys.” This is the story of British police who arrested a man for posting a meme on Facebook. We’ll soon get to the details of his serious offense.

This is what it looked like when several officers approached a man and told him that he was going to be arrested because he caused someone “anxiety” with his social media posts.

It’s so bizarre that you would expect it to be taken out of context. It is 2022 so it might be safer to assume it was not taken out of context. The video itself isn’t deceptively edited. A British veteran of the military was arrested by police for creating a meme. Laurence Fox, the man who recorded the incident, was also taken into custody.

The Epoch Times gives you a little more context.

Laurence Fox, actor, and activist in politics captured Hampshire Police arresting a man at their home for posting offensive memes on Facebook. The suspect had refused to pay for the class he called “reeducation”, according to Fox.

Hampshire Police were criticized for handcuffing an Army veteran for “alleged hate crimes” at his Basingstoke home on Thursday. He posted a photo of the transgender flag, which was made up to look like a swastika via social media.

The Epoch Times received an email from Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, stating that she was concerned about the “proportionality and necessity” of the police response to the incident.

What was it that made the British police go all-fascist and arrest a man for “malicious communications”? Greg Price, who was researching the story, said that the meme was one of the “progress pride” flags, which are the hideous-looking ones that have been widely used since this year. It was also arranged as a Swastika.

This is a serious irony, right? The meme was used by this man to indicate that the LGBT-whatever group is fascist and stomping upon the rights of people in order to push their ideology. These police officers were there to enforce his beliefs. The man proved his point even though he was taken into custody.

The Bill of Rights is the only thing that can stop Americans from receiving the same treatment. Democrats actively seek to undermine it. They want a society in which you can be charged for “malicious communications” for ridiculing woke ideology. Normal Americans must speak up and tell the world that they won’t tolerate this behavior.