Buses of Illegal Immigrants Arrive at Kamala Harris’ House


Recently, Gov. Ron DeSantis recently sent two planes full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. This is a popular landing spot for liberal, wealthy elites like Barack Obama.

Greg Abbott was not to be outdone. On Thursday morning, Kamala Harris was informed that two buses carrying illegal immigrants arrived at her doorstep. This happened just days after Kamala Harris declared the border “secure.”

This is what the contrast looked like. Secure, indeed.

Fox News actually spent the time to do actual journalism. This is something that the mainstream media could not do while they sulk. Here is one of the illegal immigrants claiming that the border is open because they came “free and without any problems.”

The majority of illegal immigrants, in this case, came from Venezuela, according to reports. Because Texas border towns are overwhelmed, they simply don’t have the resources or time to care for them, they sent them voluntarily north. They were also taken in by Democrats, who for the past decade have promoted sanctuary city policies and extolled the virtues of diversity.

Abbot is doing them favor by making it easier for illegal immigrants to integrate into liberal communities. That’s at least what you would expect from the past rhetoric. Leftwingers, however, are panicking and calling the move cruel and exploitative.

This is known as NIMBYism. It stands for “not my backyard” and is a mentality that demands policies that progressive radicals refuse to accept. Democrats support open borders if it is a small town in the Rio Grande Valley. They become concerned about “exploitation” and “optics” when illegal immigrants start to show up in their cities.

It is absurdly hypocritical. It ignores the fact that blue cities and their residents have more resources than border towns to help illegal immigrants. Is it not morally right to shift some of the burdens to Americans who have contributed to the border crisis?

Another claim is that illegal immigrants are sent to faraway places because they are cruel. Are Democrats assuming they only stay in border areas? They go to the interior in search of work. Abbott’s only purpose is to provide free transportation to the richest areas of the country. This should make everyone happy.

But it doesn’t because Democrats were lying every time they boasted about sanctuary policies and illegal immigration. They believed they could limit the problem to a few border states, most notably Texas due to the terrain. They were trying to hurt their political enemies by making it a political take. Now that the GOP governors have reacted, we can see pro-open borders advocates for what they are. It’s not pretty.