The Commies and Pedos Are Taking Over Our Schools. Now What?


The Congressional Record contained the 45 goals for communism in 1963. #17 was/is “Take Control of Schools.” They can be used to transmit communist propaganda.

How’s that working out so far? Pretty good, if you’re a bolshie-“American.”

Critical Race Theory Gone Crazy

Handcuffing black students in the classroom and letting them pick cotton is a great way to humiliate them and make them hate white people.

An unidentified white teacher from Rochester, N.Y. School of the Arts made his seventh-grade class of predominantly black students wear handcuffs during class and pick seeds from cotton.

Ja’Nasia brown, a student said that “I immediately was like, Oh! I’m not good at that”. “Then he [the instructor] was all, Do it. It’s an excellent grade”.

Jahmiere Oleal, a student, stated to news media outlets that being black made her feel ashamed.

Anger parents want to fire their teacher and have his teaching license suspended.

This Project Veritas video is worth a look. A principal assistant says he will not hire conservative teachers and encourages kindergarteners with “gender identity span>”

Antifa in Schools

Project Veritas is back! A video has been released by undercover journalists showing a New York City teacher admitting that her class changed the words of the Pledge of Allegiance. She also shows students how to organize violent protests and where to place the bricks.

Franco claimed that this was what he told his students. Franco admitted to this to Project Veritas’ undercover reporter.

She basically urges children to clean up their white neighborhoods.

Last summer, two teachers at New York City’s elite private schools were fired. One was fired for celebrating the loss of New York Police officers, and the other for suggesting more people would attack officers.

Project Veritas also found Gabriel Gipe, a pro-Antifa teacher who offered extra credit if students participated in Antifa Riots. Gipe had his classroom covered with posters of lunatic dictators such as Stalin and Mao.

Gipe was fired after angry parents stormed the school board meeting. Gipe then went on paid leave for one year. Gipe’s Marxist comrades at school decided to give him three years’ salary if he resigned.

Commie goal #26 – Present homosexuality as “normal, natural, and healthy”.

Pornography in Your Kid’s School

Libs Of TikTok is fighting leftists who flood our children’s schools with homophobic porn.


Loudoun County school authorities discovered that a student, who was transgender, had raped an older girl at 14 in a school restroom. He was sent to another school. Students were angry and walked out of class to protest.

Oklahoma teacher, a former student, resigned after being told she had to stop politics in the classroom. She was caught providing QR codes to students that allowed them to access banned books. Some of the books she was reading are quite graphic.

The rebellious commie was swinging.

I would continue to do the same thing until it became unnecessary. These legislators are clearly incapable of representing all of their constituents

Pedophilia is Normal?

After she made snide remarks about her students, a Texas teacher was fired. ”

This is a horrifying video.

What would your reaction be if a teacher told you that sex between children was OK?

You should not attend school board meetings. Now is the time to run for office or join the Parent Teacher Association in your community.

The commies and pedos aren’t at the gate; they’re in your kids’ school.