CAIR Calls for Shutdown of Terror Watchlists After Muslim Mayor’s White House Ramadan Invitation Gets Revoked


The Council on American Islamic Relations has demanded that the federal government close all terror watchlists after a Muslim Mayor from New Jersey got uninvited to a White House Reception for a Muslim Holiday.

They are also demanding an apology.

Since 2005, Mohamed Khairullah is the mayor of Prospect Park in New Jersey.

Khairullah asked: “What will we do about the targeting by federal agencies of Arabs Muslims and South Asians? They are not explaining to us why they are harassing us at airports or border crossings. And now, to deny me entry to the People’s House is bizarre,” he said.

Khairullah claims that the Secret Service refused to clear him for entrance into the White House and told him to return home. He claims that he was harassed in airports before.

He accuses the Secret Service of racial profiling, saying: “I have no doubt that my crime at this point is my race and religion, as well as my name.”

Khairullah claims that neither the White House nor the Secret Service has explained why he was not allowed to attend the event.

The Secret Service confirmed in a short statement that he had been turned away, but provided no further information.

A spokesperson for USSS said, “We regret any inconvenience caused by this decision.” “The mayor was not permitted to enter the White House Complex this evening.” “Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on the specific protection means and methods that were used to conduct security operations at the White House.”

In a Tuesday media briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre said that she would discuss the incident with the Secret Service. She then went on to praise the administration’s meeting with 400 Muslims.

Jean-Pierre stated that “the President was proud to have welcomed nearly 400 Muslim Americans at the White House yesterday to celebrate Eid.” It was a meaningful occasion, an opportunity to share in the celebration with Muslim leaders across the nation who were present.

Selaedin Mahsut, executive director of the CAIR branch in New Jersey, has called on President Joe Biden, to meet with Khairullah, and apologize to him.

Maksut stated that “we are asking the White House to take this opportunity to finally disband the Watchlist — so government agencies can no longer use this discriminatory listing in their vetting or spying of American citizens.”

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