Caitlyn Jenner Criticizes Trans Teen’s Second Place Win in California Track Race


“As someone who is somewhat of a track star, AND a transgender person, THIS IS Wrong!” Jenner responded in a tweet on Sunday to the news that a California high school male won second place in a girls’ track and field event.

Jenner responded to a tweet from Outkick founder Clay Travis who stated, “A high school male student who would have finished second for girls in the 1600-meter race stole a spot in a state championship race from a girl who deserved it.”

“And FYA, trans people you are being used as political pawns by the radical gender ideologies cult,” Jenner continued in a tweet that “you’re nothing to them”.

Athena Ryan of Sonoma Academy, a male biological student who identifies herself as a female, won the silver medal in the 1,600-meter girls’ varsity run at the North Coast Meet of Champions of California Finals on Saturday.

Adeline Johnson of Branson High School, California, was excluded from the California state championships due to Ryan’s win in the women’s track race. If Ryan had not competed in the women’s race on the track, Johnson would have been able to qualify for state.

Johnson’s thumbs-down gesture during the podium ceremony became viral.

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We have reported that Ryan would have placed last if he had run in the men’s division.

Ryan’s silver-medal win on Saturday came as biological men were taking over women’s sports, effectively erasing from existence the concept of a female-only competition.

It’s not the first time Jenner has said this about biological males invading women’s space.

Jenner recently launched a PAC to combat and stop the “radical ideology of gender” on the left. The former Olympian claims that the movement is used by the Left to “destroy the family.”

In an exclusive interview with Jenner last month, she explained how Fairness First PAC would “fight radical gender ideologies, put parental rights in the forefront of education, and keep boys away from women’s sport.”