Wanda Sykes Describes Republican Presidential Candidates as ‘Awful’


Wanda Sykes, a celebrity who appeared in an interview with Variety, claimed that all Republican presidential candidates were “awful.”

Sykes replied, “I don’t think so,” when asked whether she believed that former President Donald Trump would be nominated for a second term. “There are pockets where he will be dominant, but I do not see how he can get the nomination across the nation.” Right? Are we really that bad? Are we that bad? Really?” She said, according to the outlet — Variety noted the interview had been “edited to length and clarity.”

The comedian responded, “Well, they’re both awful.” After the interviewer pointed out that Trump’s polling numbers were higher than those of other Republican candidates, he said, “Well, you know, they’re really all awful.”

Sykes predicted that Biden would win again over Trump.

Yep! “I said: Old man Biden will defeat him again!” She said.

Trump is being challenged by a number of Republican candidates, including Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his White House run on Wednesday.

Sykes, a lesbian who identifies herself as such, supports those who identify themselves as transgender.

Variety reported that she stated, “I am not trans but I support them 100%.”

She said that she had no objections to being called a “woke comedian.”

If you want to call me a “woke comic”, that’s okay. That’s great. It makes me laugh when they say it like an insult: “Oh, they’re awake.” You’re welcome! Yes, I do read some things from time to time. Yes, I do know some things. It’s not insulting at all. George Carlin was a woke man. Richard Pryor is woke. Bill Hicks is woke. It’s almost as if they are angry that we are evolving. She told Variety that it was “really sad”.