California Homeowner Goes Mike Tyson on Burglars


Los Angeles is witnessing more home invasions and other out-of-control crimes every day. Ventura County is not like Los Angeles County. Ventura County residents don’t want thieves and thugs to run the show. Here’s an example: Alexis Provoste allegedly belonged to a South American burglary ring. Sal Mercado of Ventura County caught him in the act.

Sal Mercado lives in Oak Park, just a few miles from the Los Angeles County line. On April 1, Sal Mercado returned to Oak Park and noticed an SUV parked right next to his home. A Hispanic male wearing a Dodgers hat sat there. Mercado thought it was strange. He wasn’t sure what to expect when he got to his front door.

John Loesing was a local journalist working with the Acorn and was the first person to interview Mercado.

“A lot of thoughts race through your mind,” said Mercado, as he opened the door and found one of the thieves hustling to escape. “I just hit him in the face and he ran off when I hit him again. ”

A second man followed the first man. However, he was not as lucky in his decision to be as fit and healthy as the resident who works out regularly at the local gym.

I saw the second man descend the stairs. Mercado inquired.

Loesing was told that Mercado believed that the man driving the SUV was communicating with the men inside the house via radio. Mercado revealed the following information in an interview with an ABC affiliate

“I just went back with the left, BAM. BAM. ”

Leo Stallworth was an ABC reporter who asked: “So, you went Mike Tyson? ”

“Yeah Mike Tyson! I went Mike Tyson right then on him. He stumbled and fell again on the grass. ”

Provoste was prevented from returning to his SUV after Mercado tackled him. Provoste tried to get up, but it was a mistake.

“He was bleeding profusely and I needed to shove him into the bushes near my house so I just tackled him and shoved his body into the bushes. ”

They didn’t want to go anywhere without some reward. Denise, Mercado‚Äôs wife, said that a stolen computer and an expensive camera with an additional lens were both thrown to the ground during the melee. It is believed the men who escaped had valuable jewelry.

Denise Mercado said that she was “all very scared about the situation.” “They arrived Friday night with great brazenness.”

She stated, “I’ve lived here for 30 years and seen nothing like it.”

ABC 7’s: Mercado said that even after reflecting, he would do the same thing again.

“I would do it again. He will be arrested. ”

Erik Nasarenko is the Ventura County District attorney. He is a new progressive and was previously dictating “restorative justice” talk points. He released a strongly-worded press release:

Alexis Provoste Aranguiz from Chile was arrested for first-degree residential theft. Because the homeowner was at the crime scene, an allegation that burglary was a violent offense was also made.

“We ask residents to be vigilant and report suspicious activity to the local police,” said District Attorney Erik Nasarenko. He stated that his office will continue to work aggressively with its law enforcement partner to prosecute South American Theft Groups and crews that target residential areas. ”

He has been working with Jacqui Irwin (a local Democrat Assemblywoman) on legislation to increase punishments for crime rings. It is probable that Nasarenko has been vocal about this issue. Irwin is especially vulnerable because of redistricting. And Nasarenko. Ventura County residents tend to be more conservative and want to avoid having a George Gascon district attorney.

The Mercados want to have a peaceful Friday dinner and not worry about thieves breaking into their homes.