Disney, Now Funding Child Abuse


The Walt Disney Company does not offer moral refuge for children. Even with its multi-billion-dollar budget, the entertainment conglomerate managed to at least not openly promote child abuse, until recently.

While I don’t mind sharing the bad news with people, we can now say “the Mouse” promotes child abuse.

Christopher Rufo is a leader in uncovering the corrupt leftwing ideology of major corporations and schools. Disney now funds “affirming care” for minor children. This is often praised by the Left and includes breast removal and female genital mutilation.

It is alarming that radical transgender activists now believe that giving children hormones that are harmful to their development is the best thing.

What’s the point of insanity in a society where it is accepted and promoted by a company claiming to encourage innocence in children?

I am astonished the world is accepting that child abuse as an “affirmation for a child’s delusion”.

These abusers should not be called “groomers”. We don’t want to go too far.

Some people on the right don’t know when it is. However, conservatives are too busy disputing whether the groomer is too mean.

I will be clear. Adults are willing to abuse and mutilate children in order to indoctrinate them into radical transgender ideologies. Grooming is not just about sexual abuse it is WRONG people.