California Is Paying Reparations To Those The Government Sterilized Against Their Will


California will pay reparations to those who were sterilized by the government in the 20th century, and also provide sanctuary for minor sterilizers.

51 of 310 applicants were approved by the state to receive reparations, according to the Associated Press.

The initiative pays at least $15,000 to sterilize in state prisons during the so-called Eugenics Movement.

Margaret Sanger, who was the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a prominent advocate of the eugenics movement. It was a movement to sterilize by force or other means.

This movement was very popular in Canada and Britain. Tommy Douglas was once an advocate of sterilization for those with “mental deficiencies” and incurable illnesses.

California’s forced sterilization program is the largest in the United States. It was initiated in 1909. It impacted more than 20,000 people.

Paul Lombardo, a Georgia State University professor of law and expert on eugenics, is also a Georgia State University legal expert. He asserts that California’s practice of ensuring “human improvement through better reproduction” was a model for similar practices in Nazi Germany.

Lombardo said that the promise of eugenics was to eliminate all state institutions including hospitals and prisons. This would mean that all people who have been in these institutions won’t be able to get pregnant.

Mary Franco was among these victims. Franco was 13 years old when she was sterilized in 1934.

Franco’s niece, Stacy Cordova, claimed that she was actually molested in her home by a neighbor. This is contrary to state suspicions. This injustice ended her marriage and left her alone.

California has approved its 2021 reparations program to force sterilizations after North Carolina and Virginia did the same.

51 people were approved but state officials refused to pay compensation to 103 other victims. They are currently processing 153 more

The California Victims Compensation Board oversees this program and recommends that applicants submit documentation of sterilization, sterilization recommendations, surgical consent forms, and relevant court records to support victimhood.

Lynda Gledhill serves as the Compensation Board’s executive director. According to Lynda Gledhill, the Compensation Board’s executive officer, they strive to find as much information as possible.

Gledhill stated, “Nothing can ever be done to make up what has happened.”

The state is making amends to those who were sterilized in state-run hospitals, homes, and institutions between 1979 and 1979. It has now become a safe haven for doctors, activists, and other people who give minors drugs that were used previously to sterilize sexual predators like pedophiles.

We previously reported that Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed into law a bill designating California as a “sanctuary” for “gender-affirming care and kids with gender dysphoric disorders. ”

Scott Wiener, a Wisconsin leftist senator, introduced the bill. He also introduced a bill that would relax punishments for LGBT adults who are guilty of sex crimes against minors. This bill allows transsexual youths access to hormone prescriptions and hormonal blockers. Other states ban genital mutilation.

It is also forbidden to recognize or arrest any extradition request that would criminalize someone’s ability in California to provide or receive gender-affirming health services.

A study published by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy on September 19 showed that puberty block drugs, also known as luteinizing hormone-releasing hormonal antagonists (GnRHa) are not only making adults sexless. GnRHa, however, is a licensed drug to chemically castrate males.

According to the American College of Pediatricians, GnRHa Antagonists “arrest bone growth, decrease bone accretion, prevent the sex-steroid dependent organization of the adolescent’s maturation and adolescent’s brain from maturation, inhibit fertility by preventing the growth of gonadal tissue and the development of mature gametes for the duration of treatment. ”

California protects doctors who sterilize children. Dr. Michael Biggs is an Oxford professor in sociology. However, it also gives clinicians and activists the power to endanger minors’ lives which could lead to them not living long enough to receive reparations.

Between 2013 and 2019, 6,379 people were reported to have been killed by Lupron. The FDA reports that Lupron was prescribed to 639 children suffering from gender dysphoria.

It plays a significant role in sterilization today just like Planned Parenthood was connected to eugenics in the 20th century.

Planned Parenthood is the second-best provider of sterilizing hormones for transsexuals.