Cori Bush Gets Roasted on the House Floor for Her Vile, Racist Attack Against Byron Donalds


Although it’s not an easy task, the battle for Speaker of the House saw the worst in Rep. Cori. Bush.
RedState reported that after Rep. Byron Donalds was elected to the position, Bush reacted by accusing Donalds, essentially accusing him of being an Uncle Tom who wishes to perpetuate “white superiority.” This is because black men are known for their white supremacy.

It is amazing what Democrats can do. Imagine a Republican launching a vile and racist attack on a colleague or a member of a minority group. You don’t think that this would be significant news, and it could have serious consequences. The person in question would be removed from their committees and censured within a matter of minutes. The leaders of the Democrat caucus shrug when Bush launches into a racist attack, or Rep. Ilhan Ozmar indulges in antisemitism. That side of the aisle has zero accountability.

The status quo was not maintained, but Republicans still lambasted Bush. Rep. Dan Bishop roast her on Thursday on the House floor.

On Thursday, Bishop attacked Democrats on the House Floor while giving a nomination speech for Donalds. He was speaking after a group GOP rebels had fallen behind him as their alternate speaker candidate in their fight against Rep.-elect Kevin McCarthy.

Cori Bush, Democratic Rep.-elect (Mo. Donalds tweeted that Cori Bush, Democratic Rep.-elect (Mo.) was a “prop” whose candidacy upholds white supremacy. This drew rebukes from Bishop and Donalds.

“I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Mr. Donalds lately. Bishop exclaimed, “He ain’t no pro!” to cheers from Republicans who were gathered to vote for a speaker.

Byron is not a prop. He is a man of personal conviction,” he stated about the Florida second-term lawmaker.

He claimed he was within feet of Donalds while Bush tweeted. Bush’s attack on her without naming her was what he called an example of “grotesque, racist rhetoric.” The comment unites Republicans who were otherwise divided and trade accusations of political terrorist against each other.

To get the full effect, you have to see Bush smiling and squirming. As Bishop speaks, the camera repeatedly lands on her. She doesn’t feel any remorse because she’s the kind of person that she is.

Bush and Democrats really believe that anyone who disagrees is a combination of a white supremacist and a nazi. What did Donalds do to continue the accusations she makes against him? If a media member was brave enough to ask Bush that question, Bush would not be able answer it. Her comments instead resemble the emotional rantings a child would have, and are incapable of making a valid argument for her positions. Bush can compare her opponents with the worst people on the planet, but it’s much easier to defend her positions which are actually terrible.

The Democrat leadership will not do anything for Bush, as they don’t have the incentive to, but the Republicans can take their own costs. They can also remove Bush from any and all committee assignments during the new term. This should happen. These comments were disgusting and should not be ignored simply because she is part of the “right group.”