California K-9 Busts Meth Stash Disguised as Dog Treats in Traffic Stop


California K-9 discovered pounds of methamphetamine hidden in boxes of dog treats.

On February 15, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office posted a Facebook update about the incident. A sheriff’s deputy stopped a car driving through Petaluma on Tuesday.

The suspect Angelina Gutierrez was the driver of the vehicle. She was charged with felony transporting a controlled substance.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office released a press statement explaining that during the traffic stop, the deputy discovered the driver was wanted for a misdemeanor in Mendocino County, and was informed there was methamphetamine in the vehicle.

Authorities claim that the deputy, along with his K-9, “conducted an inspection” of the vehicle to determine if it contained drugs.

The sheriff’s department described how “[the K-9] was] alerted by dog treat boxes in the vehicle.” The deputy searched the vehicle and discovered that the dog treat packages contained methamphetamine.

The deputy found additional packages of methamphetamine in a litter box for cats.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office has charged the suspect with felony transportation of a controlled substance.

The deputy and his K-9 dog found 10 pounds of meth in 10 bags inside dog treat boxes. The K-9 is smiling in front of the pile of bags containing meth.

Residents praised the police dog’s work in the comments section of a Facebook post.

“Good boy! “It’s probably better that the K-9 Officer doesn’t know how all his hard work turned out!” One local wrote.

The dog treats boxes were the most likely hiding places. Everyone did a great job! Another comment.

Gutierrez was arrested and taken to the Sonoma County Jail but soon released.

Gutierrez was taken to the Sonoma County Jail where she was released after paying zero dollars bail.