Cut Costs: 7 Costco Groceries You’re Overspending On


Costco may not be the best place to shop for some items.

Costco shoppers know about the low prices of big box stores, but a shopping expert says that some items are better bought at local supermarkets.

Costco is known for its bargains, including $5 rotisserie poultry and $1.50 hotdogs. However, Su-Jit Lin writes in a piece published by Eating Well, that some of the food items in the warehouses are not the best deals, if you do not have to purchase in bulk.

Lin writes that shoppers “can save nearly half a cent on a gallon of milk” in other stores. She says that while Costco sells milk for $4 per gallon, the product is available at Lidl Aldi and Target for less than $3.

Lin says that you can also find better deals on sandwich bread at your local supermarket. Lin recommends that instead of purchasing Costco’s two-packs, you check your local Publix or Krogers to see if they have “buy one get one” deals on premium bread brands.

Costco is a favorite for bulk buyers. However, an expert claims that local supermarkets might offer better prices on certain items.

Lin writes: “You don’t need to buy 2 loaves to receive the 50% discount. This will save you money, and you won’t have to worry about trying to find room in your freezer to avoid mold.”

Costco’s super-sized salad kits can cost between $7 and $9. Kits in smaller sizes are available at Krogers, Publix, Sprouts, Lidls, and Sprouts for $2.75 to $4.50.

Florida shoppers in a grocery. Lin says that smaller bags of salad kits in bagged form may be more affordable for shoppers at local supermarkets.

Lin also says that raw chicken can be purchased at other supermarkets for a little less. Lin claims that, while Costco charges $3 per pound for chicken thighs or breasts, she can find family packs of breasts at other supermarkets for just $1.79.

Lin says that depending on how frequently you use herbs and spices, it might be better to buy them in smaller tubs than the larger ones from Costco. According to the Eating Well Test Kitchen, ground spices should be used within one year of purchase to maintain their flavor and color.

Lin suggests that stocking up on soup in cans at your local supermarket is a good way to save money. The product may be on sale three for $5 or even less and shoppers can get a variety of flavors.

Lin says that large bags of cereal can be sold at Costco for $7 to $14. Meanwhile, supermarkets offer coupons and rotate the major brands on sale.

When sales are on, New York shoppers can find better deals at their local supermarkets for soup in cans.

Lin writes: “I used this method of multi-savings to get brand-name cereals at $1.50 per box when I bought six boxes.”

Lin encourages shoppers to not worry about planning their shopping trips, despite the potential savings.

The expert advises: “If you are already at Costco, and you need something on the list but do not want to visit another store, you can buy it there. There is no need to make an extra trip.”