‘Call of Duty’ Sparks Outrage with Controversial Pride Month Celebration


During “Pride Month”, corporations are so busy trying to prove that they accept the LGBTQ community, they forget about what they’re doing. Activision, for example, is one of these companies.

The “Call of Duty”, franchise is one of the most popular FPS games of all time. Due to its popularity, the game tries to appeal to corporate sentiments or, more precisely, mainstream sentiments. Activision Blizzard owns this FPS game and has been very vocal about their commitment to the leftist ideology. They punished one of their most famous players when he said that LGBT activists should not bother children.

Activision Blizzard has decided to celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism so much that they have included bullets with trans-flag themes in their game. You can even load them into your gun that is themed after the trans-flag!

You can ask yourself two questions.

Did they not think about the fact that this would be a tasteless thing to say…or did it occur to them and they just didn’t care?

People are outraged because the Covenant Catholic School gunman last year was someone who identified himself as a “transgender male.” Six people were killed by the biologically female gunman, including three children. A rash of shootings have been committed by transgender people.

Although I don’t promote censorship I do point out times when companies should have kept their mouths shut. Here’s one of those times. No one stopped to consider that this might not be the best way to send a message or move?

Do they care about it?

It is hard for me to believe this was a mistake. In corporate settings, ideas that are aimed at the public must be approved in stages. It means either that no one thought about the potential for disrespect or that they did and decided that loyalty to the LGBT community came first.


This is not shocking, but it’s disgusting. Corporate America is a cesspool for ESG compliance, which includes displays that show loyalty to radical leftist views. Corporate America has shown its subservience towards the LGBT activist community.