CNN Host Grills Lara Trump: Will Democrats Accept the Results?


When dealing with Democrats and the left (and their propaganda arm the mainstream media), it is important to remember that they will accuse you of doing the same thing as they do. Democrats are in a panic. They see Joe Biden as a shell, and they watch Donald Trump’s polls rise, even after he was convicted Thursday for falsifying records in a Manhattan courtroom. They know that Trump has a high chance of winning, even after the recent conviction. The media’s latest trick is to ask Republicans if the results of 2024’s presidential election will be accepted. The real question is whether they will.

Lara Trump, Trump’s daughter in law and co-chair of the Republican National Committee, was the latest to join this ridiculous media game. On Sunday, she appeared on “State of the Union with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash” as a guest of CNN’s Kasie Hunt. Hunt decided to give it a try the old-fashioned way and ask Lara Trump whether she accepts the results of the election. Trump replied:

Yes, of course. If this is an election that’s free, fair and transparent, then absolutely. We’re actually doing all we can at the RNC to make sure that this happens. We’re working extra hard to ensure that every American Republican and Democrat feels good about the electoral process. Because, Kasie we can’t have another election like in 2020, where half of America had sweeping questions that were never answered. We need transparency. That’s who we are.

Hunt, not getting the answer that she wanted tried again. Lara Trump responded to the first question with a similar answer, but asked the same question of the media and Democrats.

You guys will accept the results if it’s a fair and free election. Will you accept the results if Donald Trump wins? That’s really the question. Everyone has asked, “Will we accept them?” We will accept them, of course. But we want free elections and —

Kasie Hunt made sure to get the mainstream media narrative on the 2020 election out before Lara Trump was able to say any facts. She then cut her off by saying “Well, there was no evidence of widespread fraud which could have altered the final outcome in 2020.” Trump refuted Hunt’s claim.

No, the majority of these lawsuits were dismissed due to clerical mistakes. If you looked at the people who were told the Hunter Biden story was a false story, they would have voted for Donald Trump and against Joe Biden. This alone would have been enough to swing the election. That alone would be enough. The people wanted to know what was happening in the rest of the country. These answers were never given to us. Yes, I can confirm. We will accept this election’s results if it feels fair, free and transparent. And we are working hard to make sure that that is the case.

Lara Trump’s assessment of Kasie Hunt is accurate. Many polls show that if voters had known about Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents at the time the 2020 election, they would have changed enough votes to affect the election outcome. Media knew this. Lara Trump was not the only Republican who has been asked this loaded question recently. On May 19, Marco Rubio, Florida’s senator was asked if he accepted the result “no mater who won” during his appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Rubio responded by saying, “No. Not if it is an unfair election.” He also gave Kristen Welker, the host, a brief history lesson. He continued, “I believe you are asking the wrong person.” Since 2000, the Democrats have been against every Republican victory. “Every single one.”

Rubio has also a point. Democrats have worked to certify each Republican victory since 2000. The media’s latest favorite pastime, asking Republicans if the results of 2024 will be accepted, should make you question what they know. What could happen to make Republicans doubt the results of a new election? Fill in the blank: Desperation, power obsession, throwing Donald Trump behind bars.