America’s Call to Action Against Marxism, It’s Time to Ride and Preserve Our Values!


We’ve seen the nation get a jackboot on the crotch numerous times in the last four years, including:

  • Unpunished rioters will burn and loot as well as attack police officers in 2020
  • The tyrannical and vulgar response to a disease that, as we know now, did not come from bat salad
  • a dubious presidential election
  • Biden is deliberately destroying our nation by allowing illegal immigration to flood our border
  • Acceptance of anti-Semitism
  • America’s first criminal family is taking piles of money from their enemies without getting punished
  • The Deep State’s persecution of its main political rival
  • People fighting for “rights” of children to pay doctors to cut up their genitals

Were there men in the past who would take care of those who were so out of control?


Albert Einstein wrote about the politics of the U.S. to his son, saying, “America’s democracy is amazing, it has a gyroscope, and when you think that it will fall off the edge, it right itself.”

Unfortunately for the U.S.S. The gyroscope of democracy doesn’t appear to notice the big, bad, bolshie, iceberg that is ripping through our bow. Or, worse yet, they see it and do nothing.

Why is Anthony Fauci out of jail? He hasn’t been charged with anything, including helping to pay for the COVID Virus that was used to lock down our country.

Why don’t the Bidens make license plates in Leavenworth anymore? Gropey Joe is a bunkmate of the DOJ. The billionaire pedos on Epstein’s Predator Island committed horrendous crimes.

Where are the modern-day Davy Crocketts, Jim Bowies, George Washingtons, and Harriet Tubmans?

We have a few patriots fighting for The Republic, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rand Paul. But where is the rest?

HONEYTRAP-O-RAMA! Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett stated recently that Republican Congressmen have been sexually abused by “powerful persons” who use awkward pictures to control the votes of said congressmen.

Unbeknownst to me, a friend whom I consider intelligent claimed that the pinkos were doomed to fail because “America had a system in place” to keep Mao-maos away.

It’s hard to enjoy the “it won’t happen here”, “pie-in-the sky” mentality when you see people riot, burn down federal courthouses and attack police stations. We need cowboys now.

Some of us are so foolish that we rely on the Second Amendment as a shield. I believe in the right to bear arms, but it will only delay the inevitable. It will also reduce the number of patriots that the globalists have to send into a gulag. The new woke military is happy to let us die for our freedoms. Your family will then be put in prison, and your home will be sold to cultural enrichers from the third world. We won’t talk about what could happen to your daughter.

No one enforces the law, not even our own police. As pro-Hamas miscreants occupy the streets, Jewish students hide on campus. Americans lock their doors while illegal immigrants, who are pumped into the country by Joe Biden’s globalist myrmidons and knock on doors asking for money and food by day, and driving up crime by night, drive the crime rate.

The prediction was easy. Bail reform and releasing criminals will drive crime to the exosphere. But it was the leftoids who did it and we all just sat back. Here’s the real kicker: it was all deliberate. What better way to remove guns than to increase the crime rate, and then use the manufactured violence to disarm We the People.

Illegal immigrants swarming into our country will bankrupt our cities, and disrupt our culture. You can look at the situation in Europe to see proof.

All of it — the crime, illegal immigrants, COVID, etc. — was deliberate. The crises are coming in 2024.

Who would have thought that Poland could one day be the safest nation of Europe?

Someone wiser than me once said, “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” Touche.

Bravery has been shown in flashes. FBI whistleblowers stood up, only to be punished. The healthcare workers who were heroes at the beginning of the pandemic lost their jobs because they refused to bend down and raise their arms for the experimental clot shot. Comedy stars who were relatively unknown but brilliant lost their jobs for “questioning the science” of ginsuing a 15-year old’s penis.

HARBINGER-O-RAMA! Although conservatives historically supported the Blue, it is reasonable to expect that cops will value their pensions and paychecks over our freedoms. They may even slap us if we peacefully protest on the street. It’s happened in Australia and Canada. We are not immune from a militarized police force.

Watch as this Canadian bacon bumps into a journalist and then arrests him for assault.

What went wrong? Marxists seized control of the DOJ, White House, schools, and news media simultaneously. Rest was simple.

PINKO-RAMA! Joe McCarthy had it right. The commies are and will remain everywhere.

There is a silver lining in the Mao cloud that has enveloped the nation: Patriotic Americans will not be alone at COVID Camp Hochul. The crosshairs will also be on your simper in law with the fire engine red hair, and no amount of “Free Palestine” signs can help. Signs in Zhim’s window won’t do anything. Zhe’s too stupid to get it.

Write to your representatives and senators. Run for local offices. While it’s still legal, give a damn.