The Menace of Drug Cartels Spreading, Vigilance Needed Before the Shadow Crosses Our Borders


The videos may disturb you. Ecuador seems to be falling into the hands of drug cartels, in yet another sad chapter to its long history.

Daniel Noboa, the president of Ecuador, declared “internal conflict” after a criminal group took control of a television station in Guayaquil during a live broadcast. “Internal conflict” is another name for “civil warfare.” Noboa ordered that the cartels be “neutralized”, but the cartels may be winning for the moment.

Forbes reports that the takeover of the TV station was part of a “wider wave of violence” in Ecuador, as government officials try to crack down on violence related to drugs.

The National Police General Commander Cesar Zapata said that his forces had been able to capture all 13 gunmen, and release the hostages with no losses. However, TC Television’s Jorge Rendon described a “violent attack” where one person was injured and another shot by terrorists from the cartel.

The violence between the cartels escalated and the police had to barricade Palacio de Carondelet in Quito, the seat for the government.

The police who rescued the TC Television victims were not the only ones to be saved from the violence of the cartels. Chuck Callesto shared this video on Tuesday, which shows masked men executing hostages.

It’s hard to tell where these alleged executions actually took place. The black masks and the sociopathic desire to commit violence make it impossible to pinpoint. The killer may be a cartel thug or a member of Hamas or Antifa. This is the type of semi-random violence which has been adopted by both terror groups and drug cartels.

The drug cartels’ political influence is closer to Ecuador than you might think.

Last year, residents and officials of Yuma in Arizona warned that Mexican cartels controlled the part of the map which used to be America’s southern border. Last January, Yuma County supervisor Jonathan Lines said to Fox News that this was not a matter of politics but rather a national issue. “Unless we change this situation and take control back from the cartels for the trafficking that comes across our border, the problem will only worsen.”

You can find videos in this article that show what “worse looks like”.

Lines’ warning has led to an increase in illegal crossings. In December, 250,000 illegal crossings were estimated. Alejandro Mayorkas is the Homeland Security Secretary of Presidentish Joe Biden. He faces an impeachment investigation today in Congress.

Chaos enriches cartels. John Modlin, Chief Patrol Agent at the Border Patrol, told a Congress committee in a recent hearing: “You know now no one crosses without paying to the cartels.” “The cartels determine, you understand, when people cross. You know, how many people are crossing at once, and all that.” All of it is controlled by the cartels.

They may be allowing in people who would launch attacks on TV stations with military style, but fingers crossed! Maybe not. Victoria Taft recently said, “America, Joe is asleep.” You’re all on your own.

A wise man once told me, “Keep your powder dried — and keep plenty of powder.” After a thorough online search, I believe that I am the one who coined this line.

I’m not very wise but I keep a lot of powder. In a pinch, it’s a good substitute.