Cartel Soldiers with Rifles and Body Armor Now Crossing Southern Border


The Biden administration continues to tell Americans that the border is not a problem. They’ve actually shifted the goalposts, changing the way they count the illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. Biden has manipulated numbers in order to make it look like illegal crossings have decreased. It’s way down. They simply moved the numbers from one column into a new one.

Heritage Foundation has noted this.

Since May 11, Border Patrol encounters have averaged 3,400 a day. The CBP increased the number of daily appointments from 1,250 to 1,070. This is equivalent to 37,500 non-admissible foreigners each month. This does not include the 23,000 additional Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans, who were allegedly vetted and sponsored and entered in May via a special “pathway” for parole that began in January. The two mass-parole programs at the ports add up to a total of 60,500 aliens who are not admissible each month. If the data were to be shifted back onto the Border Patrol encounter data at the Southwest land border, then the number of encounters would return to, or exceed, the record level of 200,000 per month.

America is still flooded by illegal immigrants. The Biden Administration may have tried to portray the illegal border crossings as mainly women and children fleeing economic and political oppression, but one cannot ignore that many of these men are of “fighting” age.

We know that cartels make illegal border crossings into a billion-dollar business by making those who cross the border wear wristbands like they were entering a Taylor Swift show. Fentanyl is a money-maker for drug cartels, and it kills Americans. Drugs kill more Americans than firearm violence by a wide margin. The cartels noticed that Joe Biden had opened the door figuratively and turned a blind eye to human and drug trafficking. It was only a matter of time before cartels sent armed men to the border in order to protect high-profile crossers.

The fiction in thrillers by Jack Carr, Brad Thor et al suddenly becomes non-fiction. Cartels tend to be reluctant to expose themselves in the public spotlight. If the illegal crosser is caught, it’s not a big deal. Cartels will not send armed men in body armor to guard what they see as normal cargo.

Why would cartels send heavily-armed men across the borders? I think it’s obvious: they must be escorting importers or high-value goods. It was either someone or something, or both.

Five men were arrested in June for escorting illegals. According to the photo, these men are low-level coyotes. They are part of a cartel and are also clearly expendable. Fox News reported on August 5, 2023, that in the same Fronton, Texas area, men were seen on surveillance footage with what appeared to be semiautomatic weapons and wearing body armor.

The Border Patrol sent out its tactical BORTAC squad, but the armed men were gone. Maybe they went back to Mexico or maybe they’re still guiding the cargo.

Biden, Harris, and DHS chief, Mayorkas, have all tried to soften the idea that the border is closed. It is not.

Whatever the cargo/human package was on 5 August, it’s here in America. Thanks, Joe.