Biden’s 45-Minute Mystery Break Sparks Speculation


Many of his critics are asking:

Does this guy work ever?

Biden’s questions will get louder when word spreads about his Tuesday schedule, which includes not only a light lunch but also a 45-minute lookout at the Grand Canyon.

If Biden were to walk through parts of the Grand Canyon, I would be more willing to give him a break, as that terrain isn’t something an 80-year-old can handle. Especially not with Biden’s rumored medical issues.

A lookout is exactly that, a simple lookout. And as far as I’m concerned, it shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes. Biden may be tired from his recent vacation.

Relatedly, while Biden is enjoying a leisurely day out west touting his administration’s so-called accomplishments on the issue of “climate change,” he will also sit down for an “interview”… with the Weather Channel because of course he is:

I am shocked. I can’t tell you how shocked I am that Biden, his handlers, and the information channel chose to conduct an interview where he knows that no one will ask him any questions about the Hunter Biden Scandals, even though an audience who probably doesn’t care about them is watching.

The Biden White House Twitter account which is the least popular noted that it has been over a month since Biden “meaningfully” responded to any questions. It’s even longer since he addressed the allegations of bribery or corruption.

RNC Research pointed out that the last time Joe Biden answered press questions was July 13, almost a month ago. Biden has STILL not addressed the collapse of Hunter’s sweetheart agreement, Devon Archer’s bombshell testimony, or the cocaine discovered in the White House.

If this is a “busy” schedule, then perhaps more of us would consider running for president. Joe Biden has made it clear that the benefits of being president clearly outweigh any downsides of actually having to do the work that a leader of the free world is supposed to be doing.