Casey DeSantis Shares How Her Husband Ron Stood by Her Through Cancer in Heartwarming Video


Casey DeSantis, Florida’s first lady, has released an emotional video in which she thanks her husband Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), for his support during Casey’s battle with cancer.

The Ron DeSantis reelection campaign announced an ad entitled “That is Who Ron DeSantis Really Is” on the one-year anniversary of Casey DeSantis’ diagnosis of breast cancer.

“First Lady Casey DeSantis is a better person than anyone and she tells us how Governor DeSantis fights to protect Florida the same way that he fights for his family,” said Ron DeSantis’ reelection campaign.

The first lady talks about her husband, and how he supported her and their children as she was undergoing treatment for her illness.

“I get asked all of the time who is Ron DeSantis?” In the video, Casey DeSantis explains. “He’s the kid who grew up right here in Florida. He worked hard, paid his school fees, and then volunteered to serve in the Navy.

She continued: “He was the man I fell in love with from the moment that we met. He’s also the father of three very rambunctious and energetic children: Mamie, Madison, Madison, and Mason, our four-year-old athlete.

“But if anyone wants to know who Ron DeSantis is, he was my dad when I was diagnosed as having cancer, and I was fighting for my life,” DeSantis said, his voice heavy with emotion.

He was there to lift me off the ground when it was impossible for me to stand. He was there for me when I couldn’t fight for myself. Ron DeSantis is that.”

Casey DeSantis was last October diagnosed with breast cancer. Gov. DeSantis stated in January that she had “responded well” to chemotherapy treatment. After undergoing treatment and surgery, the Florida governor’s office declared that DeSantis was cancer-free.

Ron DeSantis released a statement that day thanking Floridians and their prayers.

DeSantis stated, “Over the last year, my family felt the power and influence of prayer in their own lives.” “The support from Florida and around the globe for my wife Casey DeSantis and our First Lady Casey helped us through a difficult time.”

“Thanks to all the prayer warriors across Florida, may we all pray religious liberty will always abide in our midst.” He said, “So long as I am Governor, I can guarantee you that it will.”

According to, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in American women. One in eight American women will develop invasive breast carcinoma during their lifetime.