Brian Kemp Tries for the Finishing Move as Stacey Abrams’ Campaign Continues to Free-Fall


We previously reported that Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has been in a freefall for weeks. Abrams’ support among core Democrat voting blocs dropped at a crucial stage of the race and Gov. Brian Kemp maintained a nice outside-the-margin-of-error advantage in most polls.

Abrams appears to be at the “I don’t really care what happens at this stage” stage. She has openly declared her abortion extremism to Peach States voters with only a few weeks before Election Day, and then staunchly defends her position when she is asked.

Kemp is going for the jugular in the face of the Stacey Abrams Express’s implosion. He has highlighted how Abrams has placed the needs of “liberal elites” in New York and California, who are funding her campaign, ahead of those of Georgians during the four years she has been defeated.

In a Monday ad, Kemp suggested that Abrams’ state was the best to “live, work and raise a family”. This is because the majority of Georgians rejected Stacey Abrams and said “no” to all Stacey Abrams wanted.


This one will be a quick one for Abrams considering her bitterness over her 2018 loss and the election denialism that she has repeatedly engaged in since then, including several times in the last week.

As I have said, Abrams was once considered a potential vice presidential candidate for Joe Biden but was rejected, this has become a problem for many of the Democrats who sought her endorsement. This includes Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock who she had to beg to run with her a month ago.

It’s been a hard, traumatic fall for Abrams, who was once able to do no wrong in the eyes of her media/woke Democrat fans. Abrams is now focusing on herself and her delusional claims about a “stolen electoral” – and she expressed interest in a higher office than that of the Georgia governor long before she announced her intentions. Georgia voters are indicating that they want someone who will focus on Georgia and not just use it to get fame and fortune or something better down the line.

Next Monday, October 17th, Abrams and Kemp will take to the debate stage. Then, on Sunday, Oct 30th, Kemp and Abrams will be back. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out in comparison to the 2018 debates.

Keep watching for fireworks and make sure you have plenty of popcorn.