Cassidy Hutchinson’s Bombshell Testimony Takes Another Body Blow


We are rapidly reaching the point at which it is more appropriate to question exactly what Cassidy Hutchinson’s “bombshell” testimony before the January 6th committee Wednesday on Wednesday was.

Eye-witnesses have challenged multiple claims made by former White House aides, as we have reported. Two Secret Service agents are now offering to testify that Donald Trump didn’t karate chop them in their throats and try to grab the steering wheel of a presidential car. Hutchinson claimed that she had written a note about Donald Trump’s January 6th response. However, a White House lawyer disputed that claim and noted that his prior testimony and that of others confirm that he did indeed write it.

Hutchinson’s story continues to crumble.

Hutchinson testified that Cipollone instructed her to tell Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that ex-President Donald Trump shouldn’t go to the Capitol on January 6.

Hutchinson testified that Cipollone stated, “We’re gonna get charged with every crime possible,” if Trump went up to the Capitol.

…”Multiple Sources, including one that was there on Jan 6, tell me Cipollone wasn’t there in the morning when Hutchinson testified that she spoke with him,” Posobiec tweeted Wednesday evening.

According to Posobiec the January 6 Committee “is aware” of the discrepancy and “are ignoring media inquiries about it.”

This is an anonymous rebuttal. It’s possible Hutchinson tells the truth, and the sources lie, but it’s unlikely, given her previous allegations.

Although the House of Representatives may not be a court of legal, the same principles apply to judging the credibility of a witness. Hutchinson wasn’t even “witnessing” much of what she claimed. Two of her revelations, including that which led to the news cycle, we’re already contradicted. I also see no reason for doubt that she lied about speaking to Cipollone.

Here’s my opinion on the matter. I believe you should start by pointing out that Hutchinson did not share this information for over a year and a half. Why should you speak out now? Why not speak out immediately if she feels that crimes have been committed? If she had done this, she would have been hailed as an absolute hero.

Hutchinson’s long wait and the fact that her claims were quickly disproved point to a woman looking to heal. Already, there is a list of January 6, committee witnesses who went on to secure book deals and cable news gigs. Hutchinson, who had worked for the evil orange man, would have been a pariah in DC without her testimony. She had the chance to “fix” everything and set herself up to be a “good” person so that she could keep moving forward in the swamp.

It’s certain that this is what will happen. Given her cable news success, she will be promoted and most likely hired by a network or liberal lobbying organization for a lucrative contract. Hutchinson is another example of how Democrats care about those who support their narrative. Even if that means a little bit of manipulation of the truth, she knows what she stands to win.