CBS Anchor Talks Over GOP Guest to Implicate Republicans for Political Violence


Moderator of CBS News’s Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan tried to blame Republican rhetoric on Sunday for the attack against Paul Pelosi.

However, Rep. Tom Emmer (R.Minn.), refused to allow it to happen.

What Happened?

Emmer uploaded a video last week to social media showing him firing a gun.

“Enjoyed exercising second amendment rights with @KellyCooperAZ & General #JackBergman_MI1. 13 days to make history. Let’s #FirePelosi.”

Brennan then questioned Emmer about his election denial. “Why is there a gun inside a political ad?” She asked.

Emmer quickly clarified the video was not a political advertisement.

It wasn’t an advertisement. He replied, “I was tweeting out–I was tweeting something that I just did,” Brennan intervened.

“Wouldn’t a pink slip be better, if it’s about firing her?” She said, “Why would you want a gun?”

Emmer claimed Brennan was trying to connect his video and GOP rhetoric with political violence. Emmer also criticized the media’s hypocrisy, specifically that they didn’t blame Democrats for Rep. Steve Scalise (R.La.). In 2017, a Bernie Sanders supporter of far left was close to assassinating other GOP lawmakers.

Emmer stated, “I have never heard anyone in the media try to blame Democrats for what occurred.”

After much back and forth, Emmer was finally forced to admit that he was exercising his Second Amendment rights. Brennan reached her conclusion: Brennan believes his video incites violence towards House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Does anyone not see that the video is suggestive of people in a bad situation and how dangerous it is in this environment?” You’re discussing the importance of lowering rhetoric. Why do you not leave that out? Brennan said.

Emmer replied, “Well, you disagree with me.” “It was Steve Scalise who was shot by a Bernie Sanders fan trying to equate Democrat rhetoric and those actions. Please do not do that.”

“OK,” Brennan conceded.

Although details of the attack on Pelosi are still scarce, media reports have concluded that the attacker was a far-right fanatic. Of course, they are blaming Republicans for the attack.

Even Joe Biden, President of the United States, linked the attack to Jan. 6.

Police have not provided evidence linking the attack on Republicans, which would be overstating the obvious.