Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Shipped Migrants Sent by Texas Away After Making a Show of Welcoming Them


Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Mayor, wanted to make it appear that she could put her money where her mouth is. But like many Democrats, her virtues are merely shown.

We reported previously that Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent illegal migrants flooding the state of Texas to his self-described “sanctuary cities,” so they could get a taste of what it is like to have illegal immigrants running around their towns and states.

Many Democrat politicians started throwing temper tantrums and accusing Abbott of racism, irresponsibility, and other things. Either they knew they had been checked or they didn’t have the self-awareness necessary to realize they were hypocrites. It’s hard to say which of their positions is worse.

Lightfoot tried to appear ready to be all she claimed to be.

“Chicago will always be a welcoming place”. Lightfoot’s office released a statement saying that they are working with various departments within the City and with community, state, and local partners to ensure that everyone who visits Chicago is treated with dignity.

But, Chicago was empty of people to welcome migrants and show them the best places to go.

We now know that Lightfoot actually did round up the migrants and then shipped them to a suburb nearby without notifying the mayor. WGN9-TV reported Lightfoot, who was virtue signaling, sent all the migrants to Burr Ridge. She then shipped the problem off and made it hers.

WGN Investigates learned that several dozen migrants were sent by Texas Governor. Greg Abbott and his family were sent to Chicago by WGN Investigates. They have been moved to a suburbia hotel without any warning to the mayor.

WGN’s Gary Grasso, Burr Ridge Mayor, stated that “I am concerned neither my village administrator nor I were informed about this.” “We want to find out: Why Burr Ridge?”

Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s Mayor, blasted Abbott for treating migrants like “cargo” without giving her advance notice that they were coming.

Interesting. Lightfoot is a hypocrite and a liar.

Two levels are required for what Abbott is doing. First, he is trying to spread the illegal immigrants across the country to reduce the Texas burden and get assistance from the Democrat cities that have repeatedly stated that illegal immigrants are welcomed there. It could be called a socialist strategy by spreading it around. It would be a great idea to spread it around the left.

Two, Abbott exposes how crazed the Democrats are. These people don’t want illegal immigrants living in their cities. They want to look more pious than they are from afar and make fun of the people who have to deal with the problem.

Lightfoot says that Abbott makes illegal immigrants look like cattle, but she is actually shipping them to another person. Hypocrisy, thy Name is Democrat.