DOJ Makes Move to Stop Appointment of Special Master for Trump Raid Docs


The Justice Department submitted a notice to appeal U.S. District Judge AileenCannon’s decision. This request was made in order to obtain a special master record review of records that were seized by the FBI during a raid at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Cannon directed that the special master examine the seized property in order to determine whether it was personal items, documents, or any other privileged material susceptible to attorney-client privilege and executive confidentiality claims. “Request that the FBI have access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President, starting as early as May 12, 2022. ”

The appointment of a special master protected Trump’s rights. This was particularly true when it became apparent that items were taken that shouldn’t have been. The DNI, John Brennan’s protege and appointee, was not enough protection. Both sides will submit proposals to the Court on Friday.

The DOJ requested a partial stop to allow them to appeal classified documents they claimed are classified. They also claimed that Trump doesn’t have any rights over the documents.

According to the DOJ filing, “The government respectfully requests that the Court rule immediately on this motion.” “If the Court does not grant a stay before Thursday, September 15, then the government will apply for relief to the Eleventh Circuit. ”

According to the DOJ, a temporary halt on the restricted number of records was necessary because the government would likely win its appeal to the Order in regard to classified records. Trump stated that he could not and would not claim that any of the classified records belonged to him, or that he had any rights to have them returned. Trump also denied that any plausible claims of attorney-client privilege regarding such records would stop the government from reviewing or using them.

DOJ cited Supreme Court precedent to state that “Trump’s claim of privilege wouldn’t be defeated by the government’s “demonstrated, specific need” for such evidence”.

They claim they could be irreparably hurt if they don’t have access to the material to assess the national security interests involved.

They claim that Trump would not be affected if he was allowed to temporarily halt the analysis of those records.

Although the DOJ claims the records are classified, Trump’s team asserts that at least some of it have been declassified. This allows the DNI to view any national security concerns.

They don’t want to be blocked from seeing the records or for the special masters to see them. They want transparency in this matter.

They are leaking like sieves, even though they claim they do.

Cannon’s ruling showed that they took all information including Trump’s accounting records.