Chiefs Victory Parade Shooting: One Dead, Over 15 Injured; Suspects in Custody


Gunfire broke out west of Union Station, Kansas City. A joyous parade under a sunny and warm sky ended tragically. The Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl victory with a parade for the second consecutive year. As the crowds gathered to watch the parade, shots rang out, killing one and injuring over a dozen others.

There was no shortage of heroism as chaos broke out and people fled the area. On the internet, videos quickly appeared showing brave people trying to stop the gunmen. Here’s footage of police running toward the sound of gunfire.

You can also see clips of brave citizens pursuing and tackling the gunman:

Stacey Graves, Kansas City Police Chief confirmed at a press briefing that two suspects are in custody. However, social media images showed three men being detained by the police. According to police, shots were fired during the parade.

Local media reports have confirmed that one person has been killed and at least nine other people injured in the shooting.

After the threat has been controlled, firefighters and police responders will administer first aid to victims and transport them to local hospitals.

When the incident happened, the Chiefs had already departed the parade and were loaded onto buses. The players were quick to post messages of support on social media. Patrick Mahomes, the Super Bowl MVP and quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, sent out a prayer:

Trey Smith, the offensive guard, posted a kind comment about the first responders who ran into the danger.

The police told paradegoers that they should leave the area as soon as the first shots were fired. Authorities are working to reunite separated families that were separated by the chaos after the shooting.