Cop Busts Alleged Lady Drug Dealer in Valentine’s Day Bear Costume Takedown


The ‘heartful’ ploy of an elite anti-street crime team lured out a drug dealer.

In a Valentine’s Day sting, a fuzzy bear arrests alleged lady drug dealers. An undercover policeman dressed as a brown bear lures a suspected heroin dealer from her home with chocolates, a Valentine, and a box.

Sorry, love. He is not interested.

A Peruvian officer dressed in a bear costume lured a suspected drug seller out of the street by presenting a fake Valentine’s Day present. He also offered her a box full of chocolates while he was wearing his fuzzy bear costume.

Can you imagine a triple plush Teddy Bear captured by a drug dealer?” “On the day of friendship and love?” Jose Honorio, spokesman for the Peruvian National Police, joked.

This happened in Lima, Peru’s capital. The officer, who was on his knees, held a sign in Spanish that said “You are my cause to smile”, candy, and a balloon with a heart shape.

In a Valentine’s Day sting, a fuzzy bear catches alleged drug dealers. The video cuts away to another shot before the duped suspect emerges on her porch.

The officer now places the woman in handcuffs but without his mask. The “Green Squadron”, the city’s elite anti-drug squad, rushed in to help with the arrest. The police seized multiple stashes that appeared to contain heroin or another opioid.

The bear, still in his costume and grate, pulled out some contraband from the drainage grates.

Two female suspects are arrested and placed in the back of a non-marked police vehicle. The specific charges against the suspects were not immediately known.

Lima’s Escuadron Verde (Green Squad) is a plainclothes police unit that fights street crime, such as robbery and drug dealing.

One of the undercover officers of the unit posed as Santa Claus in December before another drug raid. He created a distraction when he broke down the front of a drug den that was hard to reach with a sledgehammer, while other officers stormed through the window on the second floor.