Chihuahua Stabbed Multiple Times on Chicago Street While on Walk With Teenage Girl


A Chihuahua, while out on a Chicago walk with a teenage girl on Monday, was repeatedly stabbed on a Chicago street. A woman aged 61 was also arrested in connection to the attack on the dog.

WLS-TV reported that the attacker attacked the 15-year-old girl who was living outside her family’s house in the 6600 block of West Irving Park Road, on the city’s northwest corner.

WFLD-TV reported that the suspect spoke to the girl and then ran towards the dog, stabbing it with a knife. WFLD reported that the suspect chased the girl and stabbed her dog multiple times more, citing court records.

WLS stated that while the girl was able to flee from the attacker, her dog sustained serious and life-threatening injuries. WLS also said that security cameras in the building captured the attack.

John Garrido, Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, told WLS that the woman attacked her dog for no reason. It’s a horrible act of violence in and of itself.

WLS reported that the foundation raised more than $9,000 in just two days to help pay for the life-saving surgery for the 12-year-old dog. Bebe was discharged from the animal hospital Wednesday afternoon.

Garrido stated to WLS that while everyone focuses on the bad acts of one person, there are over 250 people who have stepped up to help this family.

WLS Jeannette Olivo was arrested shortly after the attack, according to police.

WLS reported Wednesday, that Olivo is still in prison and faces two felonies of aggravated cruelty and assault with a deadly instrument.

Sergio Macias (another owner of Bebe) told WLS that the suspect “needs” to be in prison. “She must be held responsible, this can’t be happening.”

Ana Gabriela Jasso Jasso, another Bebe owner, said to WLS that Bebe is “doing great.” He is eating well. He even started barking along with other dogs, which is a positive sign for them.