Using One Thief As A Human Shield, 50-Year-Old Australian Father Fends Off Group Of Marauders In His Underwear


Boxing Day is celebrated in Australia on December 26th. This day was a time when the poor are traditionally given gifts. One father of two from Queensland was forced to face a pack of marauders in an all-out contest for the day’s title.

Steve Middleton, 50 years old, woke up Monday morning to the sound outside his Mermaid Waters residence on the Gold Coast. He saw someone looking through his car.

Middleton said that she assumed the head was my daughter’s boyfriend. “Then, I noticed another head on the opposite side, going through the second car. “Oh, s–t! We’re being robbed!”

The father of an Australian child didn’t have the time to dress up properly for the occasion so he “threw on some jocks” and ran outside.

Middleton was able to catch one of the thieves by surprise when he ran into action.

Middleton told the Courier Mail that he thought “bugger it”, and he gave him a little tackle.

The father of two quickly realized that he was outnumbered by the thief when he held the shirt in the other hand.

“I didn’t know there were other kids in that car up the street,” Middleton said that he didn’t see the problem and told 9 News.

Reinforcements were found nearby in a Mazda CX-3, and a BMW X4, both of which were stolen from local homes.

Middleton held the first suspect and another man dressed in white, armed with knives, rushed to help.

Middleton was slashed with the blade by the second suspect, but it wasn’t enough to equal the odds. The second suspect eventually ran and turned tail.

Middleton was then attacked by a third marauder, who waved a baseball bat.

Middleton said, “Once the bat came forth, I tried using the young fella that I was holding onto to be my little shield.”

The marauders, especially for the improvised shield of human protection, were once again in trouble and they had to fight to return the stolen vehicles.

Middleton said that one of the thieves was “squealing as anything.” The marauders were defeated and drove off quickly. They have yet to be captured.

CCTV captured the brutal Boxing Day brawl.

Middleton asked police officers, “Am I right for me to go fishing yet?”

According to him, the Courier Mail cut on his hand prevented him from fishing on Boxing Day. However, he stated that he will go back to fishing once the wound heals.