Chip Roy Unleashes Fury on RINO Accusers


Rep. Chip Roy pulled no punches on Tuesday while discussing the current failure theater making its way through the House of Representatives. As we previously reported, Rep. Matt Gaetz filed a motion to vacate against Speaker Kevin McCarthy. That fight is underway on the House floor at this moment, where Democrats are looking to join a small group of Republicans to oust McCarthy. What would happen next is completely unclear, as it appears those running this gambit have no plan whatsoever.

Roy is siding with McCarthy because he is a partisan. Since there is no plan to remove the Speaker, it is self-destructive. Fighting for your enemy is not worth the effort. Joe Biden must be gleeful at the events.

This brings me to Roy’s latest remarks. He has been called a “RINO”, for refusing to give Democrats such an important win.

ROY: I would also argue that some of our brothers and sisters, particularly in the MAGA camp, I think, particularly enjoy circular firing squads. If you want to come at me and call me a RINO, you can kiss my ***. Look, I’ve spent a lifetime fighting for limited government and conservatives. I have laid it all on the line. I have not seen my family but two days in the last 30 days. You go around talking your big game and thumping your chests on Twitter, yeah, come to my office and come have a debate mother.

It’s because I stand up every day for my country.

Only Rep. Thomas Massie can challenge him as the most conservative Member of the House.

This disconnect is quite simple. Some party members value their social media presence over achieving tangible results.

I am sick and tired of Republicans. The failure theatre is tiresome. It’s not fair that the incompetent are rewarded, while the ones who do the work get criticized. They deserve to lose.