CHP’s Dramatic Golden Gate Bridge Rescue Goes Viral: Hysterical Blocker Pried from Concrete Barrel


The live feeds of Monday’s demonstrations in Democrat-run cities were awash with pro-Hamas demonstrators blocking major roads and bridges. This left commuters fuming and outraged (some missed their flights), while others were wondering why the police were taking so long to clear the road.

The protesters in Florida who attempted to do it were quickly reprimanded by police officers who took over the scene almost immediately.

It took several hours for the Golden Gate Bridge protest to be cleared. California Highway Patrol (CHP), in the aftermath, informed us that the demonstrations were linked together.

The protesters were chained together with barrels that were partially filled with concrete, not handcuffs. The barrels were surrounded by PVC pipes on both sides. Protesters gripped rebar that was drilled into the pipe and inside the barrel. It had been covered in concrete and so could not be easily accessed from the top.

The Golden Gate Bridge protesters tried something new: they used their cars to blockade four lanes that lead into San Francisco and then, using the “sleeping Dragon” method with handcuffs underneath PVC pipe, linked their arms between the cars.

The CHP has posted some photos on Twitter.

They shared a video that was both interesting and funny. The protester was hysterical and screaming, claiming he was hurting while they tried to get him to let go of the bar. The demonstrator was never hurt by the twisting of his hand. He called for medical help about halfway through the video, not realizing that it was being recorded so people could see him lying through his mouth.

CHP quickly removed him from the rebar after finally prying him free. The man, who was screaming in pain, suddenly stopped screaming as they put him into handcuffs knowing that he wasn’t hurt.

The video and photos shed some light on the reason why the protesters were removed in hours, but the question remains as to why this event was allowed to happen at all when officials knew in advance that it would occur:

A15 Action, the group that coordinated the effort, stated on its website, “The global economic system is complicit in genocide. Together, we will coordinate and disrupt and blockade the economic logistical hubs, and the flow and capital.”

Californian and New York state officials, as well as others, still have a lot to answer for. Who knew when and what? Stay tuned.