Columnist’s Creepy Exchange with Caitlin Clark Takes a Disturbing Turn with New Revelation


Gregg Doyel, of the Indianapolis Star, experienced another awkward situation at Caitlin’s Wednesday press conference.

Doyel, who was already under fire for a creepy interaction with Clark while asking the No. 1 pick of the Indiana Fever a question, referred to her as “that” and “it” in a new video that surfaced while he was talking to Fever coach Christie Sides.

Doyel told Sides that Clark just received the keys.

“What are you going to do with it?”

It is strange to ask this question after Doyel interacted with Clark at a previous press event.

Doyel got into trouble with some fans when he used his hand to make a heart symbol to ask Clark a simple question.

Clark asked Doyel how he liked the gesture, to which Doyel responded, “I am glad you are here.” Doyel’s awkwardness increased when Clark told her that she makes this gesture every time Iowa Hawkeyes plays.

He said: “Start this with me and we’ll get along.”

Clark smiled with an uncomfortable smile before asking the question.

The social media responded viscerally.

Chris Williamson, CBS Sports host, said, “I can understand why the Fever revoked Gregg Doyel’s credentials due to this creepy back and forth with Caitlin.”

Dave Portnoy, a Barstool Sports analyst, called Doyel a pervert. Ayssa Bernamini, a 690 The Score reporter, called him a creep. Clinton Yates of ESPN added, “This is clearly unprofessional and just plain gross.”

“I don’t know Gregg Doyel. But I’ve followed him here for many years,” wrote columnist Lindsay Gibbs.

Doyel sent a letter to Caitlin apologizing for his remarks. The letter was titled “Caitlin I’m so sorry.” “I was part of the problem on Wednesday.”

“Today in my uniquely oafish way, while welcoming @CaitlinClark22 to Indy, I formed my hands into her signature (hand heart emoji),” he wrote on X. “My comment afterward was clumsy and awkward. I sincerely apologize. Please know my heart (literally and figuratively) was well-intentioned. I will do better.”