Chuck Schumer Get Nailed for Lying by Twitter, Then Elon Joins In


Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.NY) was already on Twitter spreading lies about a “Fair Tax”, which has been floating around. Although it’s not clear that Republicans support the proposal, Schumer did lie about it.

“MAGA Republicans refuse to present their plan to address debt ceiling. Instead, they are proposing one of the most disastrous policy ideas in existence: a 30% national sales tax on ALL things. This just shows how out-of-touch and radical they are.

There are so many problems, how can we begin to fix them? The Democrats refuse to negotiate on the debt ceiling. They want to continue spending us into infamy and ignore the purpose of having a “debt limit” to begin. Also, the tax proposal doesn’t include a “national sale tax on EVERYTHING”. It’s a sales and income tax on new products. The combined tax is combined with the elimination of the IRS, payroll tax and income tax. This means that you’d get to keep 100 per cent of your money. As some have already pointed out, it isn’t 30 percent. It’s actually 23 percent according to at least one proposal. Joe Biden also acknowledged this. You can also get rebates depending on your family size or poverty.

Twitter even called out Chuck Schumer for his lies. Twitter Community Notes explained the problems with his statements.

There are both positives and negatives, so it is better to have a flat tax than to change the national sales tax. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R. CA) has stated that he is against it. However, this doesn’t stop Schumer or the Democrats lying about the Republican positions.

Grover Norquist, a tax reduction advocate, exposed Schumer’s lies.

This is about Democrats shifting from addressing their spending profligacy and negotiating the debt limit. It’s all about making an attack on the other side and refusing to negotiate a reduction in spending. They want to increase inflation and keep spending high.

Elon Musk, the Twitter owner, weighed in. He ripped through Schumer’s bully and nailed him on what all this was about. Schumer was referring to McCarthy’s request for negotiation on the debt limit. “May I suggest a DM conversation?”

Like most Americans, Elon Musk wants Democrats to be serious about spending. Schumer does not want to focus on this because it would highlight how badly they continue to spend. Schumer would rather lie about a bill he doesn’t think will go anywhere.