Google Is Trying to Censor Project Veritas Bombshell Sting on Pfizer Executive


Google seems to be unwilling to share what could be the most important story in the medical community for decades.

We previously reported that Jordon Trishton, a Pfizer executive, was a Director of Research and Development. He revealed to Project Veritas’ undercover reporter that his company was creating vaccines to counter the COVID-19 virus. Walker ran off in panic when confronted by James O’Keefe (CEO of Project Veritas), and destroyed all Project Veritas equipment.

According to O’Keefe’s screenshots, the story should have been front-page news at nearly all major outlets. However, Google appears to be censoring it.

Many other commenters confirmed the same thing: Google’s search engine refused to let them search for the story.

YouTube is now a part of this. A Google search for “project veritas Pfizer” returns the Project Veritas YouTube link, but not any of the videos from the group, including the Pfizer sting.

The only thing they show at the top is an “independent fact check” from Newsweek stating that Project Veritas’ video is not “verified” because it doesn’t actually show Pfizer mutating COVID. Although technically correct, this information is unnecessary. It’s meant to make people less interested in Project Veritas and encourage them to take it less seriously.

Other phrases like “Biden vaccine cures Covid” return fact checks by biased groups such as “PolitiFact”, who noted that although Biden exaggerated its efficacy, they still gave it a “half true” rating.

Google appears to be interfering with Pfizer’s business. This is not surprising as we discovered via the Twitter files that Pfizer executives were directly communicating with social media companies to request that information they deemed damaging to their brand is censored.

It remains to be determined if this is a request to Pfizer to censor their materials or a continuation of the hatred for Project Veritas. However, this story is not being censored. Information like this should not be ignored.

This is not happening. The revelation that Big Pharma and Big Tech are working together suggests that there’s an organized effort to conceal this information. One must ask why.