Claudine Gay’s Victimhood Op-Ed Sparks Firestorm as Fact-Checkers Uncover Inconsistencies


Claudine Gay is now having a pity party after her dismissal as president of Harvard. The controversy that began over antisemitism has led to many plagiarism allegations, and the latest accusation is the final straw.

We previously reported that it didn’t take long for the left-wing DEI supporters and the mainstream media to circle the wagons. (But I repeat myself). Gay’s removal was attributed to a variety of reasons, ranging from conspiracy theories and racism charges. What was not given credibility was that Gay was a serial plagiarist who had no right to hold such a prestigious role in academia.

On the left, tribalism always wins over reality. This is especially true when intersectionality, a secular religion, is at play. Gay’s supporters weren’t the only ones to cry a river. She wrote an op-ed farewell in The New York Times, which is utterly pathetic.

What is the “trap” that she claims was set on her? Rep. Elise Stefanik asked Gay if calling for the genocide of Jews was against Harvard’s code. Gay responded that it depended on the “context.” But that wasn’t the thing that brought her down. Her blatantly antisemitic response was mostly masked.

Harvard’s leadership wrote a letter supporting Gay even though she had violated academic ethics. Only after a second set of examples was presented was action taken.

Gay still has no intention to admit what she did. She wrote a hilarious paragraph to defend herself.

Recent attacks have been directed at my scholarship. In my academic writings, critics have found that I used the language of other scholars without attribution. All scholars should be given full credit for their contributions. As soon as I became aware of these errors, I requested that the journals where the flagged articles appeared make corrections, in line with the way I’ve seen Harvard handle similar cases.

I have never claimed credit for other people’s research or misrepresented the results of my research. The citation mistakes should not hide the truth. I am proud of my work and the impact it has had on the field.

It’s shocking to see someone so easily lie. She is trying to make her plagiarism look like an accident. This was something she did not know about. She didn’t “duplicate the language of other scholars”, she copied entire paragraphs word-for-word. When confronted, she did not immediately admit her mistakes. Chris Brunet has pointed out that she and Harvard tried to bury the story, threatening The New York Post with a lawsuit if it published their article.

The rest of this excerpt is just unbelievable. Gay claims she has never “claimed credit for research done by others.” But that’s what she did. If you publish someone else’s writing as your own and claim credit for it, whether or not you acknowledge it, you are taking credit.

Gay did what was expected in her op-ed. She claimed that she was being targeted because she was just too diverse.

It’s not lost on me that I am the perfect canvas to project all of your anxieties about the demographic and generational changes taking place on American campuses. A Black woman chosen to lead a historic institution. Diversity is seen as a strength and source of dynamism for an institution by someone who believes in it. Someone who has advocated for a modern curriculum encompassing everything from quantum science to Asian American history, which is often neglected. Someone who thinks a daughter born to Haitian immigrants can bring something new to the oldest university in the country.

She’s a strong, black woman who supports “diversity,” so she should be immune to basic standards. Her double protection comes from her being an immigrant. What a soft bigotry. I know of no black person who is above reproach because of his or her skin color or immigration status. This shows how perverse a left-wing partisan bubble could be.

The Times did not investigate Gay’s plagiarism. But when she lost her job, they gave her prime real estate to act as a victim. It is a scandal that society has reached a point where people can act badly, but can still pretend to be oppressed because they belong to the “right” side. Gay earns nearly a half-million dollars per year and gets to keep her job. In this case, there hasn’t been any real accountability. She has gotten off scot-free which is standard for a Democrat.