Trump Makes Last-Ditch Play to Upend Colorado Primary with Explosive SCOTUS Gamble


Donald Trump, former president of the United States and Republican presidential candidate in 2024, has appealed the Colorado Supreme Court decision that barred his name from being on the primary ballot in the state to the United States Supreme Court. He asks for the Justices “to reverse the Colorado ruling without oral argument in a summarizing decision”:

In the petition, Trump’s lawyers wrote that the Colorado Supreme Court had no authority to deny Trump access to vote. The Colorado Supreme Court, by doing so has usurped Congressional power and misinterpreted and applied the text of section 3.

Trump’s petition requests that the Supreme Court accept the case, and reverse Colorado’s ruling immediately in a summary judgment without oral argument. The parties to the case had previously agreed that the justices would hear the case in an expedited manner so that a decision could be made before the primaries of most states. However, they did not propose the high court give up the oral argument.

On Tuesday, Colorado voters who filed the petition under section 3 of the 14th Amendment asked SCOTUS “to expedite consideration” of their case. They also submitted a separate petition from the Colorado GOP.

Six Colorado voters who sued the United States Supreme Court to remove Donald Trump from the Republican primary ballot for the state have asked that the court “expedite its consideration” of Colorado Republican Party petitions for a writ certiorari and expedite hearings and briefings if the petition is granted.

We reported that the Colorado Republican Party filed its petition to the Supreme Court, as an intervenor, on December 27, 2012. The petition included a motion to expedite SCOTUS’s consideration of the motion, as well as the timing of arguments and briefings if it is granted. This action/appeal of the Colorado GOP meant the stay issued by the Colorado Supreme Court would extend beyond January 4, until SCOTUS declines to hear this case, or all appeals have been exhausted. Trump’s name will remain on the ballot.

Trump’s name will be on the ballot, as she said. The filing deadline for the Colorado primary is Friday.

Steven Cheung, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, said in a statement:

The Colorado Supreme Court, CREW, and other radical left-wing activists are all doing their best to disenfranchise American voters. They want to remove Donald Trump, the frontrunner in the presidential election of 2024, from the ballot.

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