CNN Anchor Left Stunned By Development In Club Q Massacre


CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota was stunned Tuesday by an unexpected development in Club Q’s massacre. This destabilizes the narrative of Republicans being blamed.

Media and Democrats suggest that Republicans and conservative media are both responsible for the mass murder, since they oppose the progressive LGBT agenda.

What did Camerota say?

Camerota revealed, during CNN Tonight’s panel discussion, that Club Q’s perpetrator identified as “nonbinary”, and used “they/them pronouns.”

Camerota stated that “Attorneys for the accused shooter… state tonight in new court filings that the suspect now identifies as non-binary. ” “In a footnote to a motion asserting legal privileges the public defenders state: “[The perpetrator] is now non-binary.

Camerota was speechless at the news.

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Camerota used “now”, inserting the word into her comment to suggest that the perpetrator had recently changed his gender identity.

Errol Lou, a CNN political commentator, stated that her framing was in defense of hate crimes accusations.

Louis stated that it sounded as if they were trying to prepare defense against hate crime charges.

It’s not his main problem legally. He stated that they want to create sympathy or confusion around the question of hate motivation.

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The perpetrator faces first-degree murder and hate crime charges.

According the Denver Post, he was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and was due to appear in court Wednesday.