Anti-Woke Scene from Cate Blanchett’s New Movie, Her Character Utterly Torches Cancel Culture, Identity Politics


An “anti-woke” scene from “Tar”, a Cate Blanchett film, is gaining attention. It takes a stand against identity politics.

Todd Field directed “Tar”, which was a film about Lydia Tar, a fictional character. IMDB notes that she is “widely regarded as one of the greatest living composer-conductors and first-ever female music director for a major German Orchestra.”

Wired reports that this scene was taken during Tar’s Juilliard conducting the course. Max, a Juilliard student, is identified as a BIPOC pangender and finds Johann Sebastian Bach’s “misogyny” difficult to accept.

Max and Tar are seated at the piano and play a Bach tune. Max then asks Tar his opinion.

Max said, “You play really well.” “But today, white male and cis composers — just me. ”

Tar replies, “Don’t be so offended.” “Narcissism that is based only on small differences can lead you to boring conformity. ”

Max admits that he admires Edgard Varese’s music. Tar stands up and tells Max that Edgard Varese once stated that jazz was a Jewish negro-product.

She continues to use logic to say that Bach’s talent can be reduced to his gender, birth country, religion, etc.

Tar then buries Max very deep in front of the class and requests a vote from those in the music zone on the best approach. Max stands up from the piano bench and begins to walk out of the music area, calling Tar a “f***ing child.

Tar isn’t slowing down when he calls Max “a robotic” as he walks to the door. He said that social media is “unfortunately” the architect of your soul.

Catch Up is the star of the scene. It refers to it as “absolutely based “. Strong Language Warning!!!

Winston Marshall, a former Mumford & Sons banjoist just spoke to us about his regrets at apologizing to the woke mob. In a tweet, he also asked: “Has Hollywood gone Anti-Wood?” “It’s amazing what I just witnessed.”

Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade said that Blanchett “eviscerates Gender Identity Politics in captivating scenes from Tar.” “Although this movie isn’t going to be a huge hit in Hollywood it is viral online.”

The Babylon Bee’s Joel Berry gave “pros for Todd Field” in his short monologue.

The New Culture Forum in the U.K. tweeted, “3 Brilliant minutes.” It is hard to believe that this scene was shot in this day and age.

My coworker said that he couldn’t have predicted that a Hollywood actress would give the most savage takedown on woke gender/identity political issues. Yet, we are here.