CNN Faces Criticism for Hesitating to Update Election Projection Map – LOL!


In February, CNN launched its “Road to 270”, a projection map. The pro-Biden network acknowledged that Donald Trump had “enough states in his corner”, or “leaning in his direction”, to be in a position to win again the presidency.

According to the Electoral College Map of the network, it’s based on “public and private polling, as well as discussions with campaign advisers, Republican or Democratic political operatives, and members in Congress.” This includes any political professionals involved in outside groups that may be active at the time of the election.

Here is the map that they projected. Trump won with 272 Electoral College votes, even though three states (Arizona Wisconsin Pennsylvania) were still in doubt.

CNN tried to find a silver lining despite the project that showed Biden as a likely loser. They said even if Biden had won all the current toss-ups, he still would have to win one of the states (Georgia Michigan, or Nevada) that he won during the 2020 election. The three states have a slight Trump lean. As the campaign intensifies, it is easy to imagine all three of the battleground states moving into the toss-up category.

As of the posting of this article, CNN’s Road to 270 is unchanged. Same as before.

They are aware that Joe’s map has gotten worse.

Harry Enten of CNN noted that Biden was “lagging by five points or more” in the most recent polling data for Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.

Arizona was classified as a “toss-up” in their first projection. Why is it still a toss-up? Trump has consistently led the polls since August, and his RealClearPolitics average lead of 5.5 percentage points.

Trump has improved his position in Wisconsin. FiveThirtyEight reports that Biden failed to beat Trump this year in Wisconsin in any poll taken.

CNN still seems to know that Biden is in a very weak position right now.

Enten notes that “if Biden (Arizona Georgia Nevada) loses, he can still win in 2020 if he wins every other race.” This would give him 270-268 votes. This scenario is flawed because Biden has fallen behind the curve in Michigan. CNN publication standards demand that the average polls of the past six months show that he’s 4 points behind.

Enten says it isn’t. After pointing out Trump’s “narrow” advantage in states where he can win, and telling CNN’s shrinking audiences that “the elections aren’t going to happen today or tomorrow,” he said that’s not true. The election will take place in eight months.

CNN’s “Road to 270 Map”, even though Biden’s standing has deteriorated, hasn’t been updated since it was first published. At least they should have moved Arizona to Trump’s column. It would give him 283 Electoral College votes to Biden’s 225. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania still have 29 Electoral College Votes in the Tossup Column.

What is the wait then?

Liberal media knows that Donald Trump will win and will do everything to help Biden. It is important for conservative media outlets to flourish, particularly in the lead-up to 2020.