Rumble Expresses Interest in Acquiring TikTok as ‘Cloud Technology Partner’ Post-CCP Divestment


Rumble will be there to grab it as soon as TikTok leaves it.

TikTok’s nationwide ban is imminent. Congress gave ByteDance’s parent, TikTok, an ultimatum: either divest from the Chinese Communist Party or get kicked out of states.

TikTok, with its origins in the CCP and the concern that the data collected on Americans, their businesses, and their political leaders could be given to our enemies directly, has been deemed a threat to national security and should therefore be banned.

Rumble, however, is trying to give TikTok an incentive to leave China.

Rumble, a Florida-based platform for free speech video sharing, has sent an open letter to TikTok. It states that should ByteDance divest itself of its ownership in TikTok then Rumble and other “parties”, are ready to take over TikTok as an American-owned company.

Rumble is prepared to form a consortium in the event ByteDance divests ownership of TikTok. This would allow other parties to purchase and operate TikTok within the United States. We are prepared to act as a cloud technology partner.

TikTok has the largest user base of any platform, regardless of age, race, religion, or political views. Many conservative influencers also use the platform, contrary to popular belief.

TikTok has a huge influence on the tech world. As I have written previously, every content platform is trying to keep up with TikTok by releasing a version of their platform. Success levels vary. All the tech CEOs and their men have tried to create something that can compete but none of them has been able to capture TikTok’s success.

It is for this reason that Rumble’s acquisition of ByteDance would be the most amazing and best outcome.

Donald Trump pointed out that this was the best possible outcome. Silicon Valley CEOs will be thrilled to see TikTok disappear from the scene, as they would have complete control over this particular content landscape.

If California tech companies, and the Democrat politicians who answer to them, acquired TikTok to turn it into a platform for free speech (it already practices better rules of free speech than American content platforms), TikTok would become a torrent of information that could counter and destroy narratives being enforced at present by California tech firms and their Democrat politicians.

In the blink of an eye, TikTok went from being a Chinese villain into an American hero.

Pavlovski did not specify if other “parties”, mentioned by Pavlovski, include the Yass Company with whom Trump met recently. Yass holds a 15% stake in ByteDance. Trump, however, denies discussing this issue with Jeff Yass.

I think something is going on behind the scenes between Republicans and TikTok. Kelley Ann Conway, Vivek Ramaswamy, and others have changed their tunes about TikTok. They seem more interested in defending the company.

Rumble has now put its offer on the table. It seems Republicans are trying to make a big move on the social front. Acquiring TikTok could have a similar, if not more, cultural impact as Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

It remains to be determined, but these reversals were not accidental, especially for a man so harsh on China.

The best result of the entire saga is that TikTok becomes a U.S.-based company, in alliance with businesses that promote free speech. Facebook and Google’s takeover of the quick-content platform kingdom would be disastrous. They’d want to ban TikTok completely in the States.

Their worst nightmare would be for TikTok not only to remain… but also to become a company that allows free speech in America.