CNN’s Demented Interview With UNRWA Spokesman Amidst Hostage Scandal


Israel is continuing to punish Hamas after a resumption of hostilities. However, new revelations have emerged about the treatment of the released hostages. There have been allegations of torture, sexual abuse, and starvation. In one shocking testimony, an unnamed hostage claimed that he was held in the attic of a UNRWA school teacher.

UNRWA, for those who do not know it, is a supposedly humanitarian organization that operates under the United Nations and provides food and education to Gazans. In reality, the UNRWA is a Hamas-linked organization that indoctrinates children from an early age to hate Jews and provides terrorists with funding.

UNRWA has, of course, rushed to deny these allegations even though there is ample evidence of their misdeeds over the years. You’d think it was ill-advised for an organization spokesperson to go on CNN and treat the issue as a joke. But that’s what happened.

The spokesman initially acts as if they didn’t hear them, and says that he can speak about “our aid.” The spokesman then begins to ramble about food deliveries as if this were relevant to the allegations against his organization. The reporter then brings up the UNRWA teacher’s testimony against the hostage. The spokesman continues to change the subject. This time, he talks about flour bags.

When given multiple chances to deny this allegation, he does not. He does say at one point that the trucks of UNRWA do not help to deliver rockets to Gaza. However, he ignores the fact that a teacher of the organization is holding a hostage in the attic. This level of obfuscation indicates that UNRWA knows it is true, but does not want to comment.

The United Nations does not simply promote terrorism passively. Hamas is receiving active aid and comfort from the UN, which includes supporting its hostage-taking. This should be sufficient for the United States to end its association with this organization. The Biden administration, however, continues to fund the organization without condemnation. This is a moral and practical failure of the highest order.