All-Male Migrant Caravan Crosses Remote Border


As 2024 draws near, America prepares for what we hope will be the last year of the Biden Administration and the chaos, disaster, and destruction that will occur at the southern border. In Fiscal Year 2023, there were 2.4 million encounters with illegal immigrants along the border. In recent weeks and days, a border crossing saw a record number of crossings. This might sound like many other border crossings but the characteristics of this surge should alarm all Americans. Are we getting closer to the possible dire consequences of Joe Biden’s open-border policies?

Lukeville is an isolated border crossing. It’s a small town that’s not much more than just a place on the road. It has become a very popular destination for migrants. This group of migrants, however, is a bit different. The group was made up entirely of single males in their military service — no woman or child could be seen. Not only are they from Mexico and Central America. They are mostly from African countries such as Senegal and Guinea. Others are from the Middle East. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has reduced vehicle processing at the Lukeville border crossing. Tucson Sector, located nearby, has seen record numbers of migrants crossing the border. 3,000 people in one day and 17,500 within a week.

Lukeville is a curious place to cross. One man claimed that he had paid $10,000 to a smuggler to travel from Mauritania to Columbia. Also, they have specific destinations in mind. One man from Guinea stated that if he were to be allowed into the U.S. he would travel to New York City. Some people were seen slipping right through the cracks in the border wall, which federal contractors were repairing.

Juan Ciscomani (R-AZ), who represents the Tucson Sector, also includes Lukeville. He wrote to Mayorkas, asking him to send a recommendation to the Pentagon to deploy the Arizona National Guard in the area.

“Tucson Sector leads in encounters, and our agents are overwhelmed and undermanned.” The situation has reached a critical point, and those who are on the frontlines need immediate assistance.

The Border Patrol Union has placed the blame where it belongs, on the Biden Administration. The Border Patrol Union said that the increase in border crossings at Lukeville was due to the Biden administration’s “open invitation” for illegal entry into the country. Art Del Cueto, the National Border Patrol Council, defended Border Patrol agents. He said, “It’s a toll for the men and woman [of Border Patrol] who are out there risking their lives every single day.”

On Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the male-only migration wave from all over the world. Some of these migrants come from countries that sponsor terror. He told Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, that he had never witnessed a situation where so many threats were all raised at the same time. Graham asked him: “Are there any concerns that the threat of international terrorism to the homeland is increasing as the border continues being breached?” Wray responded,

“I’m concerned about the elevated threat, a heightened environment from terrorist groups abroad — for many reasons …”

Add to the list of things that FBI Director Wray must be worried about the most: the highest number of Chinese illegals entering the country for at least 10 years. To summarize, a remote border cross has seen a dramatic increase in the number of crossings. All of the people crossing the border are men in their 20s and 30s, with no children or women. The holiday season is upon us, with more Americans out and about. The FBI Director has said that he’s never seen such a high level of threats against the country. What could go wrong?