CNN’s Don Lemon Says He Lost Liberal Friends After He Predicted That Trump Would Win The Presidency


CNN host Don Lemon claimed he lost his “liberal” friends when he predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election.

Lemon was talking with CNN anchor Jake Tapper Tuesday when he made the remarks on “CNN This Morning”.

“It’s gonna be shocking to people on a different level, I don’t know if you remember this Jake, I’m sure you do, that I predicted that, I said Donald Trump will probably win the election in 2016. Look, I lost a lot of liberal friends, I actually got kicked out of parties in Brooklyn,” said Lemon.

“Really?” Poppy Harlow, co-host, asked.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” I said, have you guys seen the newspaper? The newspapers? He is in every section, he’s in the business section, he’s in the political section, he’s in the real estate section. He is on the front pages,” Lemon explained.

He said, “It was because he knew how to manipulate and use the media.”

Lemon’s recent comment that the former governor of South Carolina was “past her prime” made headlines. After Nikki Haley announced her 2020 presidential campaign, Lemon said that Nikki Haley was “past their prime”. Lemon was criticized on social media for his comments and took a short vacation from his CNN program.

According to CNN boss Chris Licht, Lemon has returned to the show having received sensitivity training.

“I had a very honest and meaningful conversation with Don. He agreed to continue to listen and learn, and to take part in formal training. Licht sent a memo to CNN staff stating that he takes this situation seriously.

Here is the video of Lemon’s comments.