Jen Rubin’s Latest Ron DeSantis Hit Piece Hilariously Does Not Have the Intended Effect


Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, almost appears cruel in this stage of her career, a politically homeless grifter desperate for acceptance and to be taken seriously at the NYC/DC cocktail circuit.

But she’s a public figure and newspaper columnist who on a daily basis writes with the intention of influencing both voters and public policy, so the things she screeches about on her Twitter page and her Biden administration-approved opinion pieces are fair game for mockery and criticism (with a heavy emphasis on mockery).

One example is a recent, offensive screed she wrote about Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis because, apparently, in her opinion (and many others NeverTrump types), the best way to reverse decades of damage Democrats did to this country is to eliminate anyone who has the ability – and dare I say the brass ones – to accomplish that goal.

Hilariously, the piece didn’t have the intended effect. Many people commented on how happy they would be if DeSantis made America a national Florida.

One suggested, “There is no better endorsement.”

Another wrote, “Hell yeah! Imagining greatness.”

There were many more, as being pro-life, pro–parent, pro–school choice, pro–law and order and pro-taking it all to the media was actually very appealing to a lot people. It was enough to propel DeSantis to victory in the 2022 gubernatorial elections in record numbers.

It is not clear how all this will translate in the national arena if DeSantis chooses to run for the 2024 election. However, I know that I am not the only conservative eager to find out.

Similar to Rubin, Rubin kept it classy in a second attack she launched at DeSantis. This time, she did so over his boots:

Rubin’s petty swipe is reminiscent of Pat Dennis, American Bridge president, who, in February, declared without evidence that DeSantis “consistently wore high-heeled boot to appear taller.” Dennis was not very grateful for people reminding him how cowboy boots, you know, are supposed to have thick heels.

Jen Rubin’s critics had the last laugh. They pointed to her tweet when Jeb Bush, the 2016 Republican presidential candidate, asked Sen. Marco Rubio about his height.

Too funny. It’s funny.