CNN’s Gleeful Coverage of Twitter’s Alleged Downfall Is Severely Lacking in Self-Awareness


There is no doubt that Twitter is experiencing ongoing drama. The takeover by Elon Musk has triggered all kinds of emotional reactions. But what’s funny is the media’s reaction to it. Journalists seem determined to describe a demise, exaggerate celebrity flight threats, and sound as though they want the company’s collapse.

They must also avoid positive news such as Musk’s increase in users. Two hoaxers pranked reporters who were camped at the headquarters, resulting in news reports about the firing of two employees who had never worked for the company. CNN joined the chorus of media outlets that cover Twitter obsessively.

Chris Licht, the new CEO of CNN, has given a series of directives to his staff regarding his plans to overhaul the network. One is to allow more Republicans to air on the network. Another order is to reduce anti-Trump coverage. Another directive was given to the media coverage wing: stop covering Fox News’ incessant coverage.

The removal of Brian Stelter was one solution to that mandate. However, this seems to have had an impact on his former student, Stelter’s Boy Wonder Oliver Darcy. Ollie was recently given the task of revitalizing Reliable Sources through a revamped newsletter. It is remarkable how this seems to be a departure from Fox’s almost daily ranting. Darcy has transferred his obsession to Twitter, which I joked with a fellow writer.

Musk’s announcement that he would close down the headquarters from Monday to allow him to evaluate the progress of his reorganization is the most recent news for the media to grasp onto. Many in the media consider this the inevitable demise of the company, even though it is only for a weekend. CNN agrees with this assessment.

Darcy’s piece is a mix of ignorance and lack of self-reflection. This starts with the tweet they sent to promote this piece. Darcy then mentions in his opening that there was a significant trending hashtag.

Users shared their fears on the platform Thursday night, when #RIPTwitter was top worldwide trend. They also offered sad goodbyes and listed other social media platforms that they could still find.

He didn’t find it ironic or contradictory that the phrase was trending in a dying outlet because it was so popular! We have to assume that there was a remarkable number of people who declared the place not popular.

Ollie then laments the loss of Twitter. He identifies all the different factions in our culture that rely on Twitter for communication. If it were to disappear, it would have negative effects around the world.

It is unlikely that any one space will replace it immediately. Communications could be fragmented across social media sites, which could lead to a disruption in information flow and slowdown.

Unaddressed is what caused the turmoil. Musk has become a target for criticism and has been demonized in the media for wanting to make the platform more open to expression. Darcy is here crying about the loss of information flow. This is because Musk has the goal to allow more information through reducing restrictions on the site. I am able to laugh at the irony of it all.

Darcy and his network members fail to see the simple truth: They need to look at their own problems while cheering for the supposed fall of Twitter. CNN faces its own imminent layoffs while describing Twitter’s departures. While claiming user flight on Twitter, they ignore their dismal ratings. How can CNN even discuss content restrictions when one political party has been systematically kept off its airwaves?

This is a similar situation to a reporter reporting from a forest fire while his house is engulfed in flames behind him.