CNN’s Mocking Response to Cocaine at WH Tells Us All We Need to Know About Their Bias


Reporting on the mysterious cocaine found in the White House, we’ve seen how the story changes. According to the latest reports, the cocaine was discovered in an area of the West Wing that is “highly trafficked”. This includes people visiting the White House on tours.

Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary during the briefing, was embarrassing because she appeared to try to blame a visitor. Imagine what they are saying if that’s the case. The visitor got through the security and entered the White House. He then left behind a white powder. Now we know it was cocaine. What if it wasn’t? It’s possible that they did the hazmat response because they were worried about what could be. The fact that any substance got through indicates a flaw in the system. This is a serious problem.

Their response seems to be now that it is “unlikely”, we will find out who was the culprit. They seem to be looking for a way out of this story, because it raises too many uncomfortable questions.

Don’t tell us if you don’t want us to solve the problem. Either they want to make us believe that visitors were able sneak drugs past security or they don’t want us to worry about Biden family or staff. Either option is bad.

Liberal media will have interesting reactions to yet another scandal. CNN has won the award so far for the worst media response. John Berman spoke with Sara Sidner, Kate Bolduan. Berman tried, but Sidner’s and Bolduan’s response was embarrassing given the severity of the situation.

Sara Sidner, laughing, said: “I want to find out who is responsible for all of this.”

Berman tried to bring them back on course by saying, “Too Soon.”

Kate Bolduan replied, “There’s no such thing as ‘too early’.” It’s a drug that is being used at the White House. “Why can’t we have some fun?” she asked.

It’s funny, then, that someone was able sneak cocaine into the building, and then leave it lying around. This isn’t just a case of bias, but a lack in professionalism.

If this had happened during the Trump Administration, I would bet that these CNN hosts wouldn’t have laughed and treated it with such cavalierness, stating “eh”, and noting that “nobody was injured.” They probably would already be talking about impeachment and pointing finger at people. They’re not even pointing or mentioning Biden family or staff members.

Meghan McCain’s tweet is spot on.

She and those who supported Joe Biden were the ones who misled themselves into believing that he would bring back “decency.” They are now shocked at what they see. Biden was not the person he claimed to be. This is evident in many ways, including the way Biden treats his granddaughter, whom he won’t acknowledge and who he says he only has six grandchildren instead of seven.

Joe Biden’s chaos has reached the White House, which is the home of the American people. CNN won’t tell you the truth about this.