White House Cocaine Story Unsolved, Mystery Deepens as Investigation Drags On


The mystery surrounding the cocaine found in the White House continues.

The media has reported the story multiple times. It was first reported that it was “near” the White House, then it was the “White House Complex,” and finally it was said it was in the library.

Then, on July 4, when the majority of Americans probably weren’t watching the news, it was revealed that the bomb was found in the West Wing in a ‘baggie, not loose or hidden. The Secret Service told us that first responders had reported that it was in the library. This wasn’t true.

The substance was discovered in the West Wing’s common area, which includes the Oval Office as well as the offices of many of the President’s top aides. CBS News reported that a senior law enforcement official said the substance was discovered in a storage area in a cubby used regularly by White House staff to store their cell phones.

This description should limit the possibilities. We’re not told where it is. As you can see on these maps, the White House Library is not next to the West Wing. It’s actually located at the opposite end of the building below the residences.

The West Wing and White House are located in the same location:

The Palm Room is visible on the right-hand side of the West Wing.

Here you can see why knowing where to look will give you a lot of clues.

Here’s the first floor of the White House, where the Library is located. Note the distance to the Palm Room.

The Queen’s bedroom is located above the library.

Ari Fleischer, former White House Press secretary, is irritated by the fact that it wasn’t said where exactly they found it.

“What gibberish. West Wing “work areas”? Fleischer tweeted. The entire West Wing, with the exception of the WH Mess and bathrooms, is a working area. Where was the cocaine discovered? Whose office? In the Sit Room? “In the private office adjacent to the Oval?” Where?”

You can tell a lot about the person who brought it by where it is. Maybe that’s what we meant when we said “work area.”

Hold on to your hats. Even as I am writing this story, it is changing yet again.

We’re told now that it was a “workspace” in the West Wing, near an area where tourists are asked to leave their phones.

It sounds a little distancing. They can’t let it be someone in the White House. Why do people who come to the White House for a tour bring their cocaine with them and then leave it in the cubbyholes? It’s difficult to believe anyone would even bring it into the White House, let alone leave it in a cubby hole, with all of the security.

The Secret Service has said that it is continuing its investigation, but there is now a report stating that the “culprit”, despite the cameras and security, will “unlikely be” found.

One official who was familiar with the investigation warned that it would be difficult to determine the source of this drug, given that it had been found in an area of the West Wing that was heavily trafficked.

A small amount of cocaine has been found in an electronic cubby in the West Exec Basement entryway to the West Wing. This area is used by many people, including West Wing tour guides and staff.

When asked what the chances were of finding the perpetrator, the official replied “It will be very hard for us to do this because of the location.”

The official who spoke under condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing said that “even if there were cameras, it was possible it wasn’t caught” by them unless the person waving the object around. It’s kind of a thoroughfare. “People walk past there all the time.”

What does this tell us about security? Does this say more about Biden’s lack of transparency? It’s not good to let the situation continue and not hold anyone accountable.