Concerns for Democrats: GOP’s Senate Flipping Odds on the Rise


Joe Biden is the main problem for the Democrats. Biden is in trouble with former president Donald Trump. Trump leads in the majority of polls. It also appears that the Republican chances to win the Senate are increasing.

Republicans have a map that looks very favorable.

Right now, it’s 51-49 with a slim majority for the Democrats.

Democrats are in trouble, as they must defend 20 seats in red states such as Montana, West Virginia, and Ohio. Trump will also win these states and may even help them down the ballot. Three independents are running for reelection with Democrats. The Republicans have only two seats to defend that are considered competitive, namely Sen. Rick Scott and Ted Cruz. Both of these seats are rated as “likely Republican.” The map looks great for Republicans.

The popular Republican Governor, Joe Manchin, is not running for reelection. Jim Justice is running to fill his seat. The Republicans have a virtual lock on 50 seats. All they need to do now is flip one more. The odds are good.

We have previously reported that the popular Republican ex-Gov. In a recent Maryland poll, Larry Hogan leads or is tied with potential Democrats. He’s therefore likely to be very strong in Maryland.

In Montana, Republicans are united around Tim Sheehy to unseat Sen. Jon Tester.

They’ll reach 51 if they defeat Tester and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) in Ohio. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report considers both seats “toss-ups”, along with Arizona where a possible three-way race could take place between Republican Kari Lake, Democratic Rep. Ruben Galego, and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) if the incumbent decides to run for another term.

Both Tester and Brown are known to be strong competitors and have an impressive track record of beating off the competition.

It’s close in Arizona with Lake and Gallego running neck-and-neck, whether they are competing against Sinema or going head-to-head. Recent internal Lake polls had her ahead.


Gallego even claims that she is leading in polls with this post. This may be the opposite of what he wants.

Arizona, too, could be a breakaway state for Republicans.

You already have a clear path to 50. You’re focusing on adding seats to the Senate when you need them for legislation.

The operative said that “Senate Republicans still have to run through the tape to add at least one additional seat to ensure themselves a majority regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, and recent developments strengthen their hopes to do just that.”

It’s looking great.

Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic strategist, said that it would be hard for the Democrats to hold on.

It’s all set up. Now it’s up to the Republican voters to make this happen. This will give us wings to start cleaning up the damage Biden and the Democrats did over the last few years.