Conservatives Rush to Show How Gullible They Are After Trump Raid


Monday night saw the FBI’s most brazen weaponization ever. Agents ransacked Donald Trump’s Florida home. This is a remarkable feat considering the long history of corruption and political targeting that the bureau has engaged in over the years.

Trump was not present at the raid, but it allegedly involved possible violations of the Presidential Records Act. This is a questionable justification, as such issues are usually handled civilly. What evidence did the FBI use to prove that a crime was committed? What information was included on the warrant that allowed the search and seizure to be carried out? These are the questions “conservatives” rely on to determine if the FBI acted in an improper manner.

We just need to wait until we have more information.

Here’s the thing: You won’t learn more, and you won’t be “seeing” the warrant. It’s amazing to me that anyone could have observed the FBI’s behavior over the past half-decade and concluded that they will be completely transparent in this case. Dir. Christopher Wray was on Capitol Hill just now, using the “ongoing investigations, can’t comment” excuse regarding the FBI’s Gretchen Whitmer Entrapment Scheme. He and the DOJ will hand over the warrant and any supporting documents used to justify the Trump raid.

It is an active choice to be gullible. It took many years for the FBI to issue the Carter Page FISA warrant. This was only possible because Republicans held Congress and the White House at that time. Wray refuses to acknowledge that the Russian collusion hoax was a fraud, even though he still believes it. It is absurd to think that the FBI leadership will release the warrant to the general public within days of raiding Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. It is so stupid that it must be intentional.

As I have already stated, the greatest flaw in the claim that we need to wait for more info is that the FBI would provide it. It is not a convincing argument to wait for a corrupt organization to claim they aren’t corrupt. The bureau, from Wray to the ranks and file, deserves no doubt about anything, especially anything that has to do with Donald Trump.

There’s no excuse for what happened. It is possible for the FBI to wait for the court case over the documents to unfold. The National Archives is not supposed to be able just to order raids. We know from experience that the FBI wouldn’t treat a Democrat politician in this manner. Hillary Clinton kept 33,000 classified emails on her private server in her bathroom. Her home was not raided. Instead, they called her and requested that she turn over the server. Why didn’t Trump receive the same kind of courtesy? It is obvious why. Any “conservative” who pretends otherwise is a fool.