Biden Just Killed a Trump-Era Immigration Rule, That Will Make the Border Crisis Even Worse


Break it if it isn’t broken.

This seems to be the mantra of the Biden administration, who once again managed to reverse a Trump-era policy that had been helping to make America a little safer.

According to the Washington Post Biden has now removed the “Remain in Mexico” policy which kept asylum seekers waiting at our southern border while they were processed by the U.S. for protection. Although the Biden administration tried to end the policy from day one, Matthew Kacsmaryk (U.S. District Judge) blocked his attempt.

June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration was authorized to end the program. This opens up a path for DHS, which will finally close one of Trump’s most controversial border measures.

DHS officials stated that asylum seekers who are waiting in Mexico to be seen by the U.S. immigration courts would be permitted to cross the border the day they hear their case and remain in the United States until the outcome is known.

This allows people to enter the country and then wander off. They do not need to wait for a decision on the validity of their asylum application. They are now allowed to remain in the United States.

Federal data shows that Trump’s “Remain” policy has reduced this fraud. Only 1.6% of asylum claims to the U.S. could possibly be considered valid. Many claimed they did not know their claims were valid, and 10,000 of them terminated their claims before their hearing.

Instead, the Biden administration plan will rely on illegal migrants’ word that they’ll be returning on a specific court date. Very few do.

This effectively makes it easier for people to cross into the United States, with our border crisis spiraling out of control. They just need to claim asylum to get in. They will never have to contact the U.S. government again unless they are caught. However, this may not result in immediate release.

The America First Legal Foundation has found that the White House has released more than 750,000 illegal aliens to the United States in the five years since the Biden administration took office.

This will only make our immigration problems worse. However, it seems that this administration doesn’t want to make things easier.