Contractor Fears Oakland Residents, Leaves Street Repaving Project Unfinished


A slice-of-life vignette is currently playing out in Oakland, California says much about current societal breakdowns and progressive government ineptitude. This also presents a huge opportunity for conservatives, if they are willing to take the initiative.

A street in East Oakland that desperately needs repaving is being prepared for new asphalt. The contractor hired by the city has pulled his crew away from the job site due to safety concerns.

Quotes from the report are telling.

KRON4 wanted to know more. To do so, they contacted the City of Oakland Public Works Department and the Mayor’s Office, as well as the City of Oakland Director of Communications, Treva Reid, a City Council member. KRON4 asked for comments from none of the parties involved.

Maybe they were all watching an A’s match.

It’s easy to sneer here and point out that progressive cities are exactly what their citizens vote for, so they have only themselves to blame. It’s easy, but laziness. There’s a better approach, one that emphasizes education instead of “You get whatever you deserve” elitism. The discussion begins with a concept which is anathema for the progressive mentality. Personal responsibility.

It is absurd that a street repaving team would pull out of their job for fear of their safety. This is because progressive politicians have been feeding their constituents for decades the lie of victimhood and absolving them of any responsibility for the actions they take in exchange for votes or voluntary servitude. The Scripturally-declared predilection of humanity for wrongdoing is brought to the forefront when crime is excused rather than condemned. This is a rejection of a fundamental duty of the government, which has been enshrined since Hammurabi’s Code of Hammurabi: to defend society’s law abiding members from those who violate laws. This is exemplified by the willful disregard of victim rights by Soros-backed DAs like Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price whose office is located in — where else, exactly? — Oakland.

The phrase “Get over yourself” used by South Dakota Governor Kristi Nuem and RNC Co-chair Lara Trump during the recent California GOP Convention is a good example. Talking about important issues only among people of like-mindedness is a cheap, fruitless form of flattery.

Paul’s advice on spreading the gospel is also applicable to the conservative evangel.

Make the most out of every chance. Your conversation should always be full of grace and seasoned with salt so you can know how to respond to everyone.

We must also educate people outside our circle of agreement. Speak to your family, co-workers, and friends about the issues of the day. Do not use the condescending, haughty tone that progressives are known for. Instead, smile and use common sense. The left gives us another chance to show others how it is done, through moments like an unfinished project of street repaving. Even a cursory look at this story shows the absurdity of progressive thinking. We know better. We can prove it. Let’s do it.